Patio Furniture Cushions


Patio Cushions – Two Sided or One, Mildew Problems or None

So you want to remodel your patio or sunroom. The first place to start is with a centerpiece to design your room around. The easiest way to decide colors, flooring, room theme is to first pick out your patio furniture. If you already have patio furniture, you can dress up or add flair by changing the patio furniture cushions.

Patio Furniture not only ads flair to your patio or sunroom, but also offers functionality. If you are planning to just purchase new patio furniture cushions take a good look at your furniture to make sure it will fit with the overall feel of your new room. If you plan to keep the furniture, then you will need to purchase cushions that fit the existing furniture.

In order to get a good fitting cushion, you must measure the furniture. You must have an idea of how much space you want to cover with the cushion. The best time to shop for new patio furniture cushions is out of season and in the clearance area. This will help you save money and keep you on budget.

Something to consider when measuring, is that all cushions will flatten out over time no mater the quality and type. The measurements that you take are only a general idea of the size of cushion you need. One-inch variance in width, length, or thickness is acceptable. A slightly wider, taller, or thicker cushion wound also be acceptable. Cushions that are significantly smaller will have a negative look and will fell uncomfortable.

The fabric can determine the quality of patio furniture cushions. Cheaper cushions will tend to hold moisture and develop mildew when left out in the rain. Look for fabrics that will dry quickly and not hold moisture. Determining the quality of the fabric can be difficult. A high quality fabric will not fade. The pattern will show up on both sides of the cushion. A cheaper cushion will only have the pattern on one side. To determine this, unzip the cushion and have a look. If the pattern is not on the inside, the cushion will fade. The stuffing of the cushion also plays a big role. Cheaper cushions are filled with shredded foam, which quickly get dirty and will develop mildew. High quality cushions are filled with a polyester fiber , which does not hold moisture and will wick the moisture away to dry quickly, hindering mildew formation.

Patio furniture is generally the centerpiece of the patio or sunroom. New patio furniture cushions are probably the easiest way to update and modernize your furniture. If you purchase high quality cushions, you will probably spend more, but shopping during the off season and clearance will help. In the end, a higher quality cushion will cost less if you have to replace a cheap cushion several times.


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