Patio Cushions Introduction


Patio Cushions are one of the easiest ways to add style and color to your outdoor patio area. There are many colors and patterns to choose from. You can add single accessory cushions or replace all of your existing worn out or drab patio cushions. We will walk you through the basics of patio cushions.

Patio Cushion Materials

The key things for patio cushion fabric are that it is durable, easy to clean and highly water repellent. One way to gauge the quality of patio cushion materials is to look at the material warranty. One other factor that often gets overlooked is the texture of the patio cushion material. Imaging sitting or lounging on your patio furniture in a bathing suit or after the cushions have been in the direct sunlight all afternoon. You want the material to be soft and not scorching hot so that it might burn you.

Sunbrella is one of the most popular patio cushion materials and Sunbrella Cushions work great for your patio furniture. Sunbrella has all the right properties for outdoor use and it comes in hundreds of styles. They also have a marine grade version that is a tighter woven fabric.

Patio Cushions

Patio Cushions

Once you have the basics covered with a high quality material you can look to patterns and vibrant colors to match your outdoor patio style. Fortunately there are an abundance of choices to match just about every style.

Types of cushions

Patio cushions are typically made to fit specific pieces of your outdoor furniture. The common styles of pre-made patio cushions include chaise lounges, chair cushions or chair pads, steamer char cushions, bench cushions, rocker cushions, and window seat cushions. You can also find complimentary cushions, like pet beds, to match your patio cushions

Throw pillows are single small to medium sized cushions that can be used with any type of patio furniture. They are a great way to add some accent color to your patio cushion sets.

Other Patio Cushion Options

Being able to complete a single design theme thought the entire patio area can really make your patio look high end. A patio umbrella with fabric that matches your patio cushions can really tie the whole experience together. Other easy decorating options include table clothes, placemats and napkins.

There is another type of unique patio cushion that might suit you, the floor cushions. These cushions skip the traditional furniture frames and become the furniture itself. These are popular with younger home owners.

Custom patio cushions are a reasonable option if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for or if you have a unique need. You can even have patio umbrella made with the exact fabric of your choosing.

Patio cushions are a fun and easy way to add to your outdoor living experience. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many options to get just the look you are hoping for!


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