Panasonic Saws


Panasonic provides cordless power tools, with an emphasis on power, weight, and ergonomic design. Panasonic also boasts a Ni-MH inverter charger that is supposed to provide for longer battery life and shorter recharging times.


The Panasonic EY3552 is a circular saw running on 18V that features a depth of cut that ranges from 1/8′ to 2-7/32″. For more precise cutting, the EY3552 has a transparent window that allows the operator to see the cut that is being made. For extended use, the EY3552 provides a comfortable ergonomic grip that should reduce strain on the operator and allow work to be done without the fingers becoming numb. The batter that the EY3552 uses can be charged in as little as 65 minutes.

The EY3544 is a powerful 18V reciprocating saw that runs at 2700 SPM, providing ample power for most jobs. The EY3544 features the same ergonomic handle and ease of use common to all Panasonic tools. With a 7/8″ stroke length, the EY3544 should have the power to do most tasks that it is put up to. The EY3544 also comes with a unique charging system that can have batteries back up to full charge in as little as 45 minutes. The battery charger also has a 5 minute “Emergency Charge” feature that can put the battery quickly back up to 15% capacity.

Panasonic also has a line of metal cutting circular saws that operate on the same fast recharging technology, giving users the option of extended mobility even with heavier tools like metal cutting power tools. Panasonic’s ease of use and ergonomic tools provide for a comfortable and flexible experience. With Panasonic’s specialized battery recharging technology, down time is minimized, making even professional work with cordless technology a viable option.


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