Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator with 360-Degree Triple Spinning Heads.


Hair removal has been a cumbersome and tiring process throughout the ages. Since time immemorial, ladies have been using various hair removal methods to enhance their appeal to the men. However, the methods that they have been using are both painful and time consuming. For a long period of time hair removal could not be done by one lady alone, and therefore, was a limited activity within the higher class. However, with affordable parlours opening up and new methods being evolved, hair removal is now available for all to use. The general trend is of using the waxing and shaving methods but one trend that is fast catch up speed is the use of epilators. Epilators remove the hair right from the roots, thus prolonging the period without hair growth on the body.

This 360-degree triple spinning epilator is both wet/dry hair removal system that gives professional results. Moreover, this epilator can fully be immersed in water without any damage. So it can be used in either bath or shower, either with soap or shaving foam. It can also be used in dry conditions; It is an excellent epilator for small areas and for touch up’s.

Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilatoris a new innovative technology in the market. The spinning heads cover more area in less time. This epilator is patented with skin protector system, which cases less pain and irritation making the epilation smoother. With a new design and technology, the Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator is a strong competition to all other branded epilators in market.

Features of Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator

The Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator features nickel-free, hypoallergenic design that is suitable for sensitive skin. This product covers more area, catching hair growing in all directions for faster epilation. This epilator works on all areas covering places hard to reach, like behind the knees, under the arms, etc. This product is cordless, the built in battery can always be charged, and ready to use whenever you need it.

Pros of Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator

The USP of this product is its speed. It works so quickly that time and energy both are saved. Its fast speed prevents skin irritation and avoids bumps, abrasions and scratches. The Panasonic Epiglide Ultra Epilator is all in one and gives you the best grooming experience. This box includes:

  • Shaver head attachment
  • Small epilator for bikini line and underarms and there sensitive areas
  • Bikini trimmer


The Panasonic ES2067W Epiglide Ultra Epilator is ultra easy, ultra gentle and ultra quick. This model is as close to painless epilation. This product weights 1.5 pound and a shipping weight of 1.7 pounds. The product is available for shipping within the U.S. as well as to select countries abroad.


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