Paloma Tankless Water Heater


Buying a new hot water heater might be in the cards if you have an older house. Sooner or later, that big old water heater is going to wear down and you will need a new one. But why wait for that to happen, when you can replace it with something that will save space, energy, and more importantly the hard earned dollar. Tankless water heaters are gaining steam in the industry because it is plentiful in benefits. There are almost zero negatives for these machines, whereas on the current tank heaters, the negatives can’t be listed on a single page because there are too many to list!

Tankless water heaters have been around for a long time but many people don’t even realize it or know about them. Paloma knows about them and has a great bevy of products that should be in your home. Paloma tankless water heaters need to be installed in your home. A Paloma tankless water heater would be a huge upgrade over your big cumbersome current tank water heater. That thing is just taking up space and wasting you money. They are very large, and heat water 24/7. Someone please explain to me why I would need hot water at four in the morning while I am sleeping? The answer is you don’t but the tank water heaters don’t know this fact.

Tankless water heaters on the other hand get this fact and only work when you want them. It is basically hot water on demand. Even though the tanks are so large, they run out of hot water very quickly. Tankless water heaters won’t run out of hot water. Paloma is so technologically advanced that it even has a remote control pad so that you can control the water’s temperature in the shower. A Paloma tankless hot water heater only uses gas when you need it to, and is a small compact system. This provides many benefits. First, it can be stored anywhere since it is so small. Also, the energy savings are huge as the machine is pretty much “off” when it is not in use. Paloma tankless systems start like the ignition of a car, when you hit a button the remote control key pad.

Not to mention, Paloma tankless water heaters come with a twelve year warranty, an unprecedented warranty. Paloma is also trying to help the environment by being a green product. It is much more efficient than any tank hot water heater. The unit itself gives off almost no emissions as a whole. These tanks are also extremely safe. They provide a feature that shuts down the system if too much Carbon Monoxide is being produced. It also shuts down if the water is not flowing correctly. Overall, Paloma tankless water heaters are an extremely great consumer purchase at this time. There are almost no negatives to buying one, other than the fact that you would have to dish out some money instead of keeping the status quo with your old tank heater.


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