Outdoor Electric Grills Evaluation


It is no secret that patio outdoor electric grills have become increasingly popular options for those who want convenience with their grilling experience. These products are marketed towards individuals who do not want to buy, store, or mess with charcoal, propane, or other popular fuels. They are also very popular with those who desire a quick and clean cookout outdoors, either around the backyard, or to carry on holiday vacations.

Most major grill manufacturers now make some form of outdoor grill that utilizes electric power as a fuel source. Therefore, finding them should be as simple as going to the nearest home supply store. Electric outdoor grills offer several advantages over other conventional types, yet have things a potential buyer should consider. Here is a guide to electric grills for outdoor use.

Advantages and Benefits

Outdoor electric grills have become very popular for many reasons. Perhaps the most appreciated advantage is that electric cooking is very fast and simple when compared to other patio grills. Charcoal, for example, takes time to heat up. An electric grill, by contrast, can be fired up and get to desired cooking temperature within a few minutes.

Most are also designed with easy to clean – grease free cooking surface, by having special non-stick coated layer that burned fat sit on.

In addition, many well made electric grills are built with plastic side covers to make cooking safe, and avoid burns from accidentally touching the hot metal case.

Going electric also means that fuel is less expensive on average, because it comes from your home’s power supply. Often the price of electricity is well below that of charcoal or propane.

Furthermore, these products often have advanced features like temperature controls and temperature indicators.

Finally, these grills usually take up less space because you do not need gas tanks, charcoal bins or wood pellets.


Outdoor grills that use electric power have drawbacks as well that any potential consumer should consider.

First, these electrical devices require more maintenance and care than other grill types because they must be covered up whenever not in use and preferably stored under shelter. This is because they are electrically operated and are more vulnerable to moisture. Also, the extra wiring makes electric grills more prone to malfunction.

Second, electrically powered  units usually need flavored briquettes to get that classic smoky flavor – a disadvantage when compared with charcoal grills, but one shared with natural gas and propane models.

Tips on Maintenance and Care

To care for your patio electric grill, there are a few things to note.

The first is that you will need to invest in an all-weather, waterproof plastic cover if you do not store your grill in a shed. Even if you do, a cover is still recommended to protect your unit from damage.

Also, periodically check the ignition system and ensure that all of the wires are not frayed or damaged. Frayed wires pose a danger not only to your grill, but to you while operating it.

Price Range

You can find these products on the market from EST. $19 to $500, both used & new, with most new units costing anywhere from $50 to $200, and some deluxe electric bbq models can even cost over $1000. depending on the grill’s size, style, and manufacturer.

As far as full-size outdoor products go, these are on the lower end of the price spectrum compared to natural gas stainless steel options. And if you do get a full size grill, make sure it has all the bits for complete barbecue grilling, like side trays, cart with rotisserie burner and etc.

Final Conclusion

Outdoor electric grills offer a quick and easy way to have cookouts without a lot of the fuss and mess that comes with cooking charcoal or gas. Compared to gas or charcoal grill and electric smokers, the electric outdoor cooking is fairly high rated – at least 5 out of 10 star ratings for average customer review and user satisfaction level. Although there are maintenance issues that are more important with this grill than with other types, using electricity can be the most convenient grilling option for a family.

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