Outdoor Benches & The Amish People Who Make Them


Amish furniture is highly sought after. In general, every piece of Amish craftsmanship is done by hand and is very beautiful, high quality furniture. Some of the Amish that produce these beautiful works of art are well into their 40’s, sometimes even older, and most of them have been doing it all of their lives. There are some families that have been doing it for generations even! They produce some of the most beautiful outdoor benches you can find anywhere in the world. Many of them involve intricate patterns carved into the woodwork, such as hearts, doves, and flowers. Most of the outdoor benches the Amish make are made of wood, but some of them are made of metal, or a combination of the two.

How do you know which one to choose? Something to consider, when paired with other pieces of furniture, outdoor benches help to create the atmosphere. You wouldn’t want to match a wooden bench with a set of metal furniture! Even if the bench is going to be by itself and not paired with other furniture, you have to take into consideration, where is the best place for this bench? What kind of atmosphere am I trying to set by putting it there? For example, if you were to set a bench up near an archway, or inside of one, the atmosphere would become more intimate, maybe even romantic if you used an elegantly styled wooden bench. If you were to set a bench up on a side walk, beside a busy highway, in the middle of a big city, the area would certainly feel more impersonal and less tranquil no matter what bench you used, it would probably be just plain weird if you were to use that elegantly styled wooden bench. So the question is, would you use the same bench for both scenarios? Probably not.

The Amish are highly religious, and highly ethical people, they do not seek excessive profit and usually charge extremely reasonable prices for what is quite simply, multiple works of art. Many resellers travel across several state lines to purchase their furniture due to the quality of the work, and the more than reasonable pricing. However, it is recommended to deal with the Amish directly if possible, they are a wonderful people and you will certainly find that one special piece of furniture that you have been looking for.


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