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When it comes to kitchen appliances, it makes sense to go with a well known brand name that has been making them for a long period of time and has a reputation of providing powerful and durable appliances. To choose a blender that is going to last and manage a wide variety of applications, an Oster blender will fit the bill for just about any kind of job. They are manufactured by Sunbeam, which is also a trusted name in kitchen appliances.

The Classic Oster Beehive Blenders

For a fairly standard but very reliable model, the Oster 4093 or the Oster 4096-009 blender is a good place to start. Both belong to the family of Oster Beehive blender series. These have been common in kitchens everywhere for many years and have established a strong reputation for reliability. Many of the ones even made 40 or 50 years ago are still in use.

Oster Beehive Blender

The Oster beehive blender refers to the style, and the bottom portion of the blender that includes the motor is shaped like a beehive. The 4093 model of Oster blenders provides 500 W of power that is going to be suitable for most home applications. It comes with a 40 ounce jar that is made of glass to be durable and easy to clean. It also has a low speed pulse function that offers some versatility.

Nice additions include a removable blade for the jar that also has a measuring cup. Both of these versions of the Oster beehive blender come in chrome finish, and look great as well. They both retail at around $70 or less.

Oster Professional Series Blender Reviews

Oster Professional Series Blender

Moving up a little in price to about $110 is the Oster Professional blender series. It also comes with a 40 ounce jar that is made of glass and can be put in the dishwasher.

One major difference with this model is that it includes a ½ horsepower motor, which is the most powerful available from Oster. It is built for heavy duty use and has an all-metal drive system that is unique.

Oster Professional blenders include some thoughtful options like oversized rubber feet to keep it very stable on the counter when mixing, and they have ice-crushing blades that will power their way through anything thrown at them.

The Professional series has the familiar beehive design, but it is finished in black so that gives it a little bit more of a modern look. It also stands firmly on its die-cast base and one of the nicest things about this Oster blender is that it comes with a three year limited warranty.

The Oster Professional Series blender is going to be perfect for mixing drinks or any kind of regular kitchen blender application.

The Benefit of Buying Oster Blenders

One of the great things about buying an Oster or Osterizer blender is that it is easy and affordable to find replacement parts. Since they have strong motors and are known to last, it is very likely that somebody will have to replace the jar, the blades or other rubber parts before the blender is finished.

It is possible to find a replacement blender jar sold separately, replacement ice crusher blender blade cutters and even accessories cups for holding juice or fruit shakes.

Some people may choose to find a replacement jar for an Oster blender that is a little bit smaller and easier to clean. There are some applications that don’t require anything more than a few cups, and then the blender jar can easily be thrown in the dishwasher.

Instead of replacing all of the parts separately, it may be possible to get something like the Oster 6010 six piece blender accessory refresher kit. This can be purchased for less than $20, and it will include a replaceable spill-proof lid, replacement blade and rubber seals so that the blender works just like new again.

Plenty of Options for Different Speed Levels

There are many more Oster blender options available, and they come in 10, 12, 14, 16 speed and many others as well. They all benefit from having the easy to replace and swappable parts, and are known for their durability. Some of these models also come with food processor attachments that will make life easy in the kitchen and expand the number of things that can be done with these rugged machines.

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