Orion 230 Volt Portable Solar Generator


Not all locations are created equal. If you are an event planner or a contractor, there will be times when you run into the problem of having the proper amount of electrical power needed to do a job. If you choose to use an Orion 230 volt Portable Solar Generator to supply your power needs, you can rest assured power will be available to you.

Portable solar power is good for the environment, and eliminates many of the problems brought about by conventional fuel powered generators. Solar energy is considered to be green energy, which means there are no emissions which can be harmful to our environment. In areas where noise pollution would be a problem, portable solar power can provide a quiet power source for any need.

Portable solar powered generators are good for those who need power in remote areas or where power has not yet been established. Contractors or emergency workers can continue their work should power be interrupted by storm or other means. Sometimes getting the job done is priority one, and solar generators were built to deliver the power needed to see it happen.

The Orion 230 volt portable solar generator has amazing power and is constructed for optimal performance. The generators arrive in a sturdy 6 x 6′ trailer from which the solar panels and the batteries can easily be deployed in any location. Since they get their energy from the sun, they require zero downtime to refuel like a combustion engine generator.

When a solar powered generator is a brought on site, you can expect at least eight hours of continuous power already charged into the battery cells. This means that even if the sun does not shine down upon your work site, you are guaranteed to have a minimum of eight hours of power ready to use. The solar panels will continue to work charging the batteries as long as there is light.

Portable solar generators are good for the environment and are a very reliable source of power for your company. They are not hindered by the location of your work site due to their highly mobile nature. An Orion 230 volt portable solar generator is easy to deploy, and is able to put out usable power immediately upon setup.

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