Original Fleshlight Adult Sex Toys: Simple But Still Effective


Contrary to popular belief, adult sex toys do not have to be anything scary. They can be simple but effective, just like the Original Fleshlight. I am trying to read all of my readers minds, and I am guessing one of the main questions that you have is what a Fleshlight is. Well, ask the right questions and you’ll receive correct answers.

The Original Fleshlight is a male masturbator. You may have heard this toy called several different names in the past. Masturbation sleeve may have been one of them. The way that the toy works is actually self explanatory. You will place your cock inside of a tight opening hole located along the outer surface of the toy. Once your cock is inside of the tight hole that is located on the toy, you will fuck the Fleshlight, just like you would a partner.

How Does The Original Fleshlight Adult Sex Toys Compare To Traditional Masturbation?

I don’t have a cock, first and foremost so I can’t actually tell you from my personal experience how incredible this toy feels. What I can tell you is what my husband experienced while he was using the toy during his regular masturbation sessions. Before comparing how this toy adds up next to regular forms of masturbation, lets look at what traditional masturbation involves.

When a guy wants to masturbate, the first thing he does is place his hand around his cock and move it along the shaft of his penis. He will pay close attention to the head of his penis, since most nerve endings appear in this area of this sexual body part. A guy will proceed to move his hand up and down along the shaft of his cock until he cums. Traditional masturbation is simple, to the point, and creates the same results every time.

Masturbation with Original Fleshlight adult sex toys will be a different experience every single time. What guy wants to feel his hand rubbing up and down his cock when he is horny? From what I know about guys, they want to feel a wet, tight hole wrapped around their cocks when they are horny. The Original Fleshlight will help you create the illusion that you have a girl with a wet, tight vagina riding your erect cock.

The outer surface of the toy, features a pair of emulative pussy lips. Inside of the pussy lips there is a small hole, that you will need to force your cock into. Once you have made your way inside of the tight outer hole opening located on the front section of the toy, you will feel a massive amount of tightness wrapped around your cock. This tightness, mixed with the lube that you applied on your cock before slipping it into the toy will make you believe that you are actually fucking a real person.

The Original Fleshlight can be used in different ways, and in different places. In fact, some of the best dual masturbation sessions that I have with my husband is creating new and exciting ways to use different adult sex toys that we own.


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