Onan Diesel Generator Parts, Use The Green Label


If you have an Onan Diesel Generator you know that it provides lower sound levels and less vibration. You know that the Onan name means that you have one of the best generators on the market. Onan has been manufacturing generators for over 50 years; they must be doing something right. When it comes to maintenance, and you are looking for parts for your Onan diesel generator, use the Green Label as your guide.

Onan original replacement parts are labeled as Green Label parts. These parts are available from your Onan dealer/distributor. The use of Green Label parts insures that the power output and life of your generator is guaranteed.

Onan makes very specific design criteria for all of the original parts that go into an Onan generator. The Green Label Parts meet these same specific design requirements. When a Green Label Part is used as a replacement in an Onan diesel generator, the part that is the replacement is identical to the original part. While other parts may fit the Onan generators there is the possibility that the parts may not be made to the Onan standards.

The use of parts that are not exact matches to the original Onan parts can lead to a decreased output of the generator and may lead to the premature wearing out of the generator. An air filter that doesn’t trap all of the dirt that can be in the air will lead to both the premature wear of the piston rings and scoring of the cylinder. The Green Label Part from Onan will help prevent the early wear and subsequent loss of power in the generator.

The few pennies saved by not buying replacements parts for your Onan generator can amount to big bucks when it comes time to service the generator. Using Green Label Parts for your diesel Onan generator will save you money in the long run and provide years of reliable service.

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