Omega Juicer Review


Omega Juicer is a product that takes drinking juices to a higher level by producing profoundly beneficial juices.

Many of us don’t like eating vegetables. However, with Omega, juicing becomes one of the most delicious ways of ensuring that you are getting all the vital nutrients necessary for your body.

Additionally, juices produced by this brand help in aiding digestion thereby improving your health and boosting immune system.

Brief Omega Company Information

Serving the markets of USA, UK, Australia and Canada since 1958, the Omega products have won many loyal fans.

Founded and nurtured by Robert Leo, Omega has come a long way. It introduced masticating juicers that were superior to the traditional juicers in 1958.

The company also pioneered in creating the pulp ejection style juicer. Currently the company manufactures and specializes into all styles of juicers catering to a wide array of demographics.

Why Are Omega Juicers Good for Your Health?

Omega Products Demostration at the Health Expo

The Omega products’ stainless steel blades and 15 years warranty, speak volumes about the company. The major benefit you will find from this brand is its all-in-one design. Most of its products are a vegetable juicer, a fruit juicer and a wheatgrass juicer combination.

The low RPM (rotations per minute) ensures that all these things get blended well. Another advantage of low RPM is that heat is not built up during juice extraction unlike other similar brands. Any heat built-up destroys most of the vitamins or enzymes contained with a juice.

Most of the juicers produce a lot of froth while juice is extracted. But the steady low speed of Omega juicers ensures that less froth is created.

Low speed is also the reason for this juicer to operate noiselessly. Since the units are manufactured from high quality material it is extremely durable.

Most of the juicers have complicated displays and ways to operate. However, Omega lines are not only user friendly, Omega juicer parts can also be assembled with ease too.

The Omega Cocktail Juicers for Parties

For cocktail parties you would prefer a juicer that gives as less pulp as possible. The “pulp” factor in Omega is definitely less than other brands but it is the product’s value for money that is considered by most of the consumers.

As some models are steeply priced you may want to opt for those additional filters that will reduce the pulp, so as to justify the value.

Out of affordability range for regular people the juicer has disadvantages especially when you have to remove the pulp after creating only 2-3 cups of juice.

Equipped with lower RPM, the Omega juicer can make choicest of well blended juices of vegetables and fruits without leaving large chunks in there to clean.

Selection Tips – Which is The Best Omega Juicer?

Omega Juicer

According to Amazon, the most popular juicer in this brand is Omega J8005 Nutrition Centre. It is easier to clean and will produce juice out of anything that you feed it. It creates juice without making too much noise and the pulp that comes out is very dry.

But be aware of its drawbacks. Apart from so many virtues, don’t expect the vital part – the straining screen to be all nice and clean after juicing. If you are making juice out of nectarines, expect the pulp to clog the screen. You have to take out this entire Omega juicer part to clean before you juice anything else.

Another important aspect is that in case you are not really into juicing green leafy vegetables or wheatgrass, look for other lesser priced centrifuge models.

How to Keep Your Juicer Clean?

Some tips and tricks to keep you juicer clean include using veggies like ginger in moderation. It leaves a strong pungent smell that is hard to go. Oranges should be peeled before putting in the device. Since cleaning pulp is an issue, use less pulpy fruits.

Plastic is not like stainless steel that will get cleaned without leaving stains. In Omega juicers the cons are that plastic parts get colored with almost every vegetable.

The pulp that comes out is very dry so it is possible that some of the pulp still remains within the juice. Obviously you need to filter the juice in order to remove that pulp.

Additionally, the auger of the juicer gets scratch marks after initial use. Though the company changes it for free, especially if it is in warranty period, it may be possible that your subsequent augers do get scratched.

Overall, Omega is a Healthy and Green Juicer

This green juicer is the only of a kind in the market. There are only a few brands other than Omega juicers which are into healthy and green living.

Omega produces excellent quality of juice from greens or carrots. The only issue is that its plastic doesn’t seem to be strong enough and pulp in juice will make you wonder whether it is a treat or not. The fact that it will produce cold juice is because the juicer doesn’t heat the juice at all. So you may want to thaw your frozen strawberries!

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