Olympic Weight Set


Are you looking for a new olympic weight set?

Please resist the temptation to try to save money. If you buy a cheap cement filled weight set you will regret it later. But if you will spend just a little more and get a real Olympic Weight Set, you will have a set of weights that will last you for the rest of your life.

Your typical Olympic weight set will come with a budget 7 foot bar, and from 280 to 320 pounds of weights. The usual breakdown on the plates is something like this:
* (2) 45 lb. plates * (2) 35 lb. plates * (2) 25 lb. plates * (4) 10 lb. plates * (4) 5 lb. plates * (4) 2.5 lb. plates

Why an Olympic Weight Set is Better

  1. They are always made of real metal – no cement or filler. This means that they actually take up less horizontal space on the bar than standard weight plates.
  2. Grip ridge on the outside edge. This makes them easier to handle, and to load onto the bar. Some models even have a slot near the outside edge to make the plates even easier to load.
  3. Olympic Weight Plates will last forever. I have a set that is over 25 years old, and they are like new. What’s to break?
  4. You use them with an Olympic Bar. real comfort and safety! Plenty of room between the inside collars, high strength steel, rotating outside collars.
  5. Single plates are readily available. It is really easy to hop on down to The Sports Authority and grab a couple of 45 lb. plates when your strength goes up.
  6. Your Olympic plates will take up less room in your home gym. You can stash a lot of weight in a small area, with those big 45 pounders.
  7. If you have wimpy friends they won’t even be able to pick them up.
  8. True Olympic weights mark you as a serious lifter. And as stated above, the equipment you use with them is always big heavy duty stuff – you don’t have to worry about it breaking.
  9. Compatibility with professional equipment. if you really get into weight lifting, and want to pick up a power rack or a squat rack, you will quickly discover that they are all made to be used with Olympic plates.
  10. If you like, you can get them with a rubber coating (called bumper plates) so they don’t damage your floors.

Handling and storage of your Olympic Weight Set

olympic weight set

Handling is easy enough– especially if you have plates with a slot to pick them up with. There are still a few rules, though. Some of these have as much to do with gym etiquette as they do with caring for your equipment.

First of all, always put your plates away when you are through. Not only will they be there for you when you are ready to work out again, but you won’t be so apt to trip over them. You will also want to consider getting an Olympic plate rack. These will keep your weights organized by poundage, and provide a compact storage area.

Leading Suppliers of Olympic Weight Sets

  • Troy Barbell
  • York Barbell
  • Cap Barbell
  • Body Solid
  • USA Sports

Other Olympic Weights and equipment

You will want to round out your weight lifting equipment with the below to complete your home gym setup:

  • Other Olympic Bars – for example, and Olympic EZ Curl barbell will enable you to do close-grip bench presses without a spotter, so long as you have a…
  • Power Rack – with a power rack, you can squat and bench in complete safety, whether you have a workout partner or not. The catch bars on the side will keep you from getting crushed under the bar.
  • Rubberized Olympic plates – a must if you will be working out where noise, or floor damage is an issue. Bonus – you’ll be glad you bought these when you drop a 25 pound Olympic plate on your toe. It will still hurt, though 
  • Olympic weight bench – Must have. Standard benches have the uprights too close together. You will find that the 7 foot Olympic bar will wobble, especially when you drop it back into the catches with some real weight on it.

As you can see, putting together a proper home gym will take a little research. But it is worth it. In the end you will have an Olympic Weight Set that will last your entire life.


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