Olympic weight benches – the most versatile piece of equipment for building a ripped upper body


Fitness gurus, young and old alike never cease to include this in their upper body exercise programs. 

This essential piece of fitness equipment is found in all gyms. 

For those looking to add this to their home gym there are a variety of different ones to choose from-

  • Smith Machine: This is probably the most ideal piece of weight lifting equipment 
    if you work out alone at home.  

    No more dropping weights on the floor! No spotting required for those heavy sets! 

    You will be able to maintain form throughout your reps and reduce the risk of injury. 
  • Flat Bench: Combine the good old flat bench with a pair of adjustable dumbbells and what do you get? 

    A killer upper body workout.  

    You will enjoy complete range of motion on these benches. 
  • Incline/Decline Bench: This bench can be adjusted and used with dumbbells or barbells, for a great chest and/or shoulder workout.  
  • Olympic weight bench: This has flat and incline positions available to workout chest and shoulder muscles at different angles.  

    The weight arms are also adjustable for different users.  

    The one thing that this bench has others usually miss is the ‘leg developer’ – used for leg extension and leg curl exercises. 

If you are just starting out start slow and focus on performing the exercise using good form (or technique). 

As your experience grows pump up the weight/reps/intensity. 

For you heavy lifters – don’t forget to ask for a spotter. 

Whether you are beginner or a seasoned pro you should make the weight bench a part of your fitness arsenal.


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