Nuvo Water Softener


Here is some information to help you out buying the Nuvo water softeners.

Hardness of water has been a major problem for a long time now in many parts of the globe. Millions of dollar worth of loss is incurred due to hardness of water. Excessive calcium and magnesium in the water not only renders it unfit for drinking, but also brings along an array of problems; from clogged pipes and ruined appliances to damage to utensils as well as bathroom fixtures. Hard water as such is treated to minimize ion content, a process called water softening.

Water softeners have been into the scene for over half a century now and a lot of changes has come into what they were when they were born to what they are now. They have come a long way from huge door-size units to smaller and portable compact ones available now. A lot of experimentation and research done along the years have given it the present look. And talking of innovation, no other company in this field concentrates more on innovation that ‘nuvo’. With the most remarkable ideas and views, nuvo has been able to get a lot of customer for its new and innovative designs.

The newest one called the ‘nuvoH20’ also known as nuvo water softeners, totally changes to what a conventional softener is expected to be. Water softeners are known for the use of huge quantities of salt; in some case requiring desalination at the end of softening. But nuvoH2O is a cut above the rest. Instead of feeding on heaps of salt, it uses food-safe citric acid to do the job; it requires one to change an ultraportable cartridge instead of filling up salt. And one cartridge promises to run for around six months easily.

Nuvo not only sets the path for future designs and technologies but also makes the entire equipment cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. Nuvo’s new technology doesn’t require any electricity and is made out of totally eco-friendly materials. Easy to install and compact in size, ‘nuvoH20’ softens water as easily as the conventional designs but at the same time proves much cheaper to the user. Another important point about ‘nuvoH20’ (nuvo water softeners) is that its innovative technology help remove scale that has already occurred as a result of hard water earlier.

And the company doesn’t stop at that; with innovation also comes customer welfare. Its lifetime warranty provides a peace of mind on high maintenance costs. ‘nuvoH20’ promises lower utility bills and better quality of water at a cost far lesser than a conventional system is ever able to deliver at. And best of all as it is ultra-portable, one also saves up on spaces which otherwise would be filled up with traditional water softeners.

Watch as your showers gain full throttle and the stains start fading away; ‘nuvoH20’ has been accepted by customers happily with positive reviews around the globe… That is something about nuvo water softeners, see also other reviews of us.


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