Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer


The Nurse Mate Dove Slip-on Loafer are leather-nursing shoes that most of the nurses prefer. These shoes are made of premium floater black leather that has a strain resistant finish. Nurses have to be on their feet all day long therefore, ultra lightweight of this slip-on protects against fatigue and provides stability while walking.

While working on shifts for long hours, these shoes will become your best friend. The ease and comfort of use is exceptional. The support that these shoes provide you can only be experienced and not explained in plain words.

Leather made

These loafers are made out of leather. The leather helps them last for a longer time and the durability of the shoes is increased manifold. The leather used in the material coupled with the slip-on design of these loafers help to give them a thoroughly professional look. When you are on the job, your shoes speak about you the kind of professional you are than any other thing that you wear on the day. These leather-textured slip-ons are the perfect fit for any job and set the standard for nurses all around the world.

Rubber sole

Working for long hours while on yours feet requires you to have great stamina and endurance. What it also requires is that you have the shoes to match the job. Heavy shoes will make you want to get rid of the shoes as soon as you wear them. A lightweight shoe is what is need for comfort and yet prevent your feet from harm. That is exactly what these shoes are capable to achieve by having rubber soles. These rubber soles do not let the discomfort on the terrain have an effect on the feet and provide the nimbleness to the step that is required while working long hours.

Slip resistant

The rubber soles of the shoes have the significant purpose of making the shoes slip-resistant. While it may seem to be another common aspect of this pair of shoes, what is important to note is that these shoes has been designed especially to be marketed for nurses. A nurse cannot afford even the occasional slip as it can cost them the delay or loss that may end up affecting the life of a person.

Easy to Clean

A nurse’s job is to be present as and when necessary for whatever purpose the doctor needs them to be there. On a daily basis, they have to handle various substances and be present in various rooms that can cause their shoes to become dirty. To protect against any kind of inspection that may spread in the hospital, it is important that the nurses have clean shoes. It is another aspect of looking presentable to have clean shoes. By making these shoes easy to clean it is a time saving factor that the Nurse mate has incorporated in varied array

Stain proof

The leather used to make the shoes has made the shoes stain proof. The absence of any kind of cloth on the shoe goes in its favour by providing a look that is professional and also stain resistant. It has long been the complaint of nurses that their shoes have to be changed because of some kind of stain. In addition, their complains seem to have been heeded by the Nurse mate.


  1. Leather made
  2. Lightweight
  3. Protects against fatigue


  1. Not breathable
  2. Does not provide antimicrobial protection  

The Nurse mate is a unique feature that has captured the market with its pragmatism and innovation. The need for specially suited shoes for the nurses had prompted the development of this product. However, it seems to check all the boxes that are in order for a shoe to be made for the nurses. The qualities of this product make it a long lasting product that has value much more than its price in monetary terms.


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