Not just for winter time: gloves offer year-round protection



The word conjures up images of cold weather, snow, and chill, biting winds.

But hand protection doesn’t begin and end with protection against cold conditions. There are plenty of reasons to wear protective gloves year-round.

Take a moment to think about the phrase “tactical gloves“. Yes, they’re gloves, but they’re also a tactic in your battle against danger. No matter the form that danger takes, a good pair of protective gloves augments your abilities and reduces your weaknesses.

Hard knuckles

Most people just assume hard knuckle gloves are used to punch people (or objects). But nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than being used to do damage, the hard knuckles on a pair of tactical gloves are instrumental in preventing damage. They prevent damage to the most vulnerable part of your hand: the knuckles.

Knuckles are the first thing that gets skinned, abraded, bruised, or even broken, when you fall uncontrollably. So, it’s important to protect them.


Everyone skins up his palms once in a while, right?


If you wear good gloves, your palms are protected against abrasion or impact damage.

When there’s a danger of falling (such as when you’re riding a motorcycle), get abrasion-resistant palms on your tactical gloves.

And when you risk impact damage to your palms (such as recoil from pistol shooting), get some padded gloves. Good shooting gloves even feature gel inserts to further reduce the effects of recoil.


Long or short wrists, that’s the question.

Cold weather gloves often have longer wrists than summer gloves. That’s to be expected. Protection from the chilling effects of wind is one thing you demand from your gloves, whether they’re tactical gloves or not.

So there you have it: a few of the features found on good protective gloves. Now you see, gloves are not just for winter wear any more!


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