Nokona Gloves


Nokona gloves are sportsman gloves, mostly for baseball or softball, from the company Nokona. The company has been around for a long time and Nokona gloves are arguably the best and most well-priced gloves for men and women in this popular sport.

The company makes many different accessories for softball depending on the position played, such as First Base, Out Filed Member, Pitcher, Field Player or Catcher. All players in these positions obviously have their own role to fulfill in the game and so they need the right kind of gloves that are comfortable and flexible that will allow them to play their position well.

Nokona tends to focus rather on fit than aesthetic appeal, which is really what is needed in this sport. Many different sizes are available for women, men and young players. They do come in various colors.

Where are the gloves manufactured? Originally from the town of Nocona in Texas. They have been making gloves since the early 20th century. One of the other reasons why the gloves are so popular is because they are made from some of the best leathers available, as well as an impressive list of leather combinations.

The choices of material include leather (three types of Cowhide), Buffalo and Kangaroo. Gloves are handmade by craftsmen to give them the extra care and quality over other brands. Also, this means you do get a glove that suits your position, play, age and sex.

They offer gloves in three of the different types of baseball games – Baseball, Softball and Fastpitch. Within these categories they offer a wide array of different types of gloves, also with a few brand names: Wrecking Crew, Diamonds in the Rough and Bloodline.

Safety for the player is important with good gloves and this is also important to the manufacturers. The glove protects the hands from high speed balls for throwing and catching very well. The Kangaroo leather is the most light-weight which is why it is usually preferred by younger players.

These are all things to consider when buying a glove – safety, affordability, durability, and suitability. The gloves are usually finished off with a top grain pebble finishing and have excellent grip. The leathers are pre-oiled, giving great grip and durability.

When it comes to manufacturing the gloves the safety of the workers themselves is very important too. There are a variety of gloves the factory workers will need to use to protect their hands as the gloves go through each stage of the manufacturing. This is especially true since this is a hand-made process.

Because of rising problems with latex gloves in industry, many other options are being considered these days. Poly gloves have become a great alternative. For those working with chemicals, nitrile work gloves are the best to be using.

Workers need puncture resistant gloves and cut proof gloves when they work, depending on the context of their work. But flexibility is key as well. These baseball gloves are manufactured in a way where the worker is well protected.

So, the above outlines many of the reasons why Nokona gloves are so well rated.


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