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Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja:Which One Stands Out As the Best?

Comparing the Nutribullet range of blenders to Nutri Ninja is a pretty good idea considering they are both designed to do the exact same thing. Clearly, you will want to get the absolute best possible blender for your money.

To help you, we are going to look at a number of the key areas you should consider when choosing between Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet blenders. At the end, you will have an informed decision as to which one you are going to spend your money on.

The Nutribullet Range:

First, we should talk about the three different types of Nutribullet blenders that are available. Currently, they have the

  • Nutribullet-600
  • Nutribullet-pro-900
  • Nutribullet-rx

Out of the three, the 600 model is the most basic one working the way up to the rx, but it has to be said that they are all pretty good.

The main differences between the 3 models is that the 600 has only 600 watts, followed by 900 watts, and finally a whopping 1700 watts with the rx version. Now, this makes a major difference in term of what the blender is able to do as you can only get 5 servings from the base model and up to 12 servings in the rx.

Another key difference is that the rx model also has a heating function, so you can actually make soup in your Nutribullet.

Apart from these variations, the only other material difference is the size of the cups and how much you can blend per run. The 600 version comes with both 18 and 24 oz cups whilst the 900 model throws in a 32 oz cup on top of it as well as a flip top lid. The rx version has 30 and 45 oz cups.

So, which is the best among these models? Well, to be honest, it depends on how often you plan on using your blender, and whether or not you are adamant that you need everything to be as smooth as possible.

If you do, then note that the higher the power output, the better your blender will be – the rx models wins in this regard. If you love the idea of making something hot then you only have one option available, rx, so, it is an easy decision.

Now, let us compare the two brands.

  • The Quality of Their Products.

    We need to begin by checking out how well made both products are because the last thing you want to do is to buy a blender and it breaks down in next to no time.

    To do this, we will look at two models that are pretty much identical, the Nutribullet-900 and the Nutri Ninja Pro.It has to be said that both products do look kind of similar and there is also a similar feel to them.

    It really does come down to personal taste as the Nutribullet looks quite sleek whilst the Nutri Ninja looks slightly more industrial in its design. However, you can’t help but feel that the cup part will sit better in the Nutri Ninja model as it does appear to be slightly more robust.

    At this stage it is close, but for quality of the product, then the Nutri Ninja line just steals it.

  • The Power of the Motor.

    This is where both the Nutribullet-900 and the Nutri Ninja Pro are identical as they both come with a 900 watt engine. However, Nutri Ninja do have a wider product range with varying power levels, but you are slightly more restricted with the Nutribullet range.

    That being said, the Nutribullet-rx has 1700 watts and this is more powerful than anything that Nutri Ninja has produced with their Ultima Blender only having 1500 watts.

    So, what we can say here is that if you are going to base your decision on power alone, then in most instances it is Nutribullet that is going to be the best option for you.

    The only other thing to remember is that this does tend to just apply to the models at the upper end of their product range as more basic models are pretty much identical.

  • The Blending Itself

    This is where things start to get rather interesting. The Nutri Ninja range has cool looking blades that are angled slightly upward. Even better, this means that it can easily slice through ice, fruit and vegetables as well as crush ice on the more powerful models.

    These blades are sharp and you are going to struggle if you are waiting to see them end up blunt, even after repeated use.

    Nutribullet is different. Their models use what they call an extractor blade with two cutting sides. The idea is that they break down the walls of the cells in the ingredients meaning none of that goodness is lost.

    It then uses cyclonic technology. So, it ends up spinning the ingredients and breaking it down by use of power. The argument here is that blending leaves so much waste and there is still a lot of goodness in that waste and surely, you want everything in your smoothie.

    So, with the blending it all depends on a couple of key points. There is no doubt that the actual blade that comes with Nutri Ninja is better than the blade that you get with Nutribullet, but the cyclonic technology does make a difference.

    It is worth noting that the pieces of the fruit and vegetables that are by left by Nutri Ninja blender do not blend into the smoothie. So, will always feel them when drinking it.

    The same cannot be said with the Nutribullet as its output tends to not be as smooth as it can get. Nutribullet blenders pulverises absolutely everything.

    In conclusion, we have to say that for blending everything and getting the most goodness, Nutri Ninja wins. This then changes when it comes to the smoothness of the drink as Nutri Ninja does do the better job, and for many people this the deciding factor.

  • Features On The Blenders

    If we now turn to the features that appear on both blenders, there is one major difference that we need to talk about. With the Nutri Ninja range, you are really restricted in what you are able to do.

    Basically, it only really offers you a pulse blend mode and sadly that does mean that you need to stand there and keep on doing it yourself. Now, to be honest, you will want to be getting on with other things as your smoothie is being made, so that is not exactly a good thing.

    However, if we flip over to Nutribullet, then they have an auto button and all you need to do is to just press it once and you are then free to walk around the kitchen until it is ready.

    This is certainly a lot better and for us it is an important difference especially between the 900 and Pro versions.

  • The Cups

    Of course, the cups are going to also play an important role in your decision on which one to purchase. As we mentioned earlier, the cups that you get with the Nutribullet depends on the mode you purchase, but then the same can be said with the Nutri Ninja range.

    To make our comparison fair, we are sticking to the 900 model and Ninja Pro model and what we see is that the Nutribullet is slightly better.

    With the Nutribullet 900 model, you do get an 18, 24, and 32 oz cup as well as the flip top lid. With the Ninja Pro model, you get everything in the 900 model apart from the 32 oz cup, which makes it inefficient for produce larger amounts at one time.

    This cad determine if you should purchase this one or not. It is also worth adding that you cannot interchange the cups between the two as they come with different fittings on the base so they will not fit.

    In other words, there is no point in just buying a spare cup as you will be wasting your money. It is also worth adding that the Ninja Professional Blender does come with a 72 oz cup, so at that point it certainly does surpass the Nutribullet although typically speaking with this part the Nutribullet wins.

    So, keeping all this in mind, we can conclude that with the cups section, it is the Nutribullet that gives you the better options.

    However, if you plan on only using it yourself and sporadically, then this slight difference will not have much bearing on your final decision. Nutri Ninja models will be equally suitable.

  • The Price of The Two

    When it comes to the price for the Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja, then the Nutribullet does work out as being slightly more expensive.

    The important point to make here is that they are both pretty much in the same ball park when it comes to the cost, so you then need to really focus on the difference in what they can do rather than being swayed by your budget.

    They are both more towards the lower end of the market, but that does not mean that they are inferior as that is certainly not the case.

    They are both well-made and will certainly be able to do a good job on your smoothies, but at least you are not going to break the bank with either of them.

How They Both Compare.

Prior to our final conclusion, we should summarize how the two brands compare to one another.

  • The Nutribullet provides you with a more powerful motor at 1700 watts compared to 1500 watts.
  • You get a 6 edged blade with Nutri Ninja compared to a 2 edged blade and cyclonic technology.
  • The Nutri Ninja leaves things behind and does not completely blend, the Nutribullet does a better job.
  • The Nutri Ninja makes a smoother drink.
  • Both are capable of breaking ice although you do need the better models to really do this.
  • Like for like, Nutribullet has the better cups and slightly better functions.
  • The Nutri Ninja has a slightly more robust look to it although the Nutribullet is sleeker looking.
  • Nutri Ninja is cheaper although there does not tend to be too much of a difference between the prices.

As you can see, there are some subtle differences between the two brands, but they are key differences that do affect the way that the blenders work. This does make life difficult as they are both aiming at the same market and there is not much to distinguish between them.

Our Overall Conclusion.

If it comes down to cost, then Nutri Ninja wins. If it comes down to getting as much goodness as possible, then Nutribullet wins. If it is a smooth drink, then we go back to Nutri Ninja and we could continue to flick back between the two of them with pretty much every single feature that appears on their blenders.

So, which one is best out of Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja?

Well, that depends on what you want to get out of your blender because when it comes to producing a nice smoothie, then the Nutri Ninja does a fractionally better job, and it is all thanks to its blade design.

The Nutribullet might be more powerful and gives you more features, but at the end of the day it is all about the quality of the final product and in this case we are talking about the smoothie itself.

However, as they are both within the same price range and pretty much do the same kind of things, you are not going to be disappointed no matter which one you choose.

They will both extract that goodness out of your fruit and vegetables and will produce something that you can drink quite easily and that, after all, is the most important thing.


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