Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate Bdc 600


Long range shooting is very challenging.  This is because of the fact that, the target you are aiming at is far away from you and the weather might not be very convenient for getting a clear view. That is why riflescopes are created, in order to ensure that your bullet does not go into waste. Riflescope comes in different modifications and each is unique in its own way. Shooters and law enforcers have different opinions about each rifle scope. This gives you the advantage of reading reviews about each scope and be able to make a solid decision on which riflescope would be best for you.

 The Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 rifle scope originates for china. Nikon Company has been in the market of creating riflescopes for a long time. Moreover, the riflescopes from this brand are highly advance and preferred by most professionals. This is because the brand focuses on designing riflescopes for lower mounting and high mounting. This makes the brand to rank at the top of the market, since it delivers quality binoculars that are durable and available at a reasonable price.

Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 is the latest version that the brand has to offer and comes with great features that makes your aiming a lot easier. This makes the riflescope highly reliable for accurate aiming. What this scope offers you is great magnification and aiming points. Apart from using this riflescope for combat, it is also highly used for hunting purposes, due to the fact that the scope offers open circle aiming. Another great aspect about this particular riflescope is that, it can stand harsh weather conditions since it is sealed with a water and fog proof resistant.

Specs of Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 riflescope

The Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 riflescopes is mostly preferred by most people, since it is very convenient for outdoor viewing. Below are some of the fascinating features that are found in Nikon p- 223 3-9 x 40 Mates BDC 600 riflescope;

  • Parallax setting knob, which gives you accurate aiming from a hundred yards.
  • Eye relief which protects your eye while taking your shot
  • A one inch tube diameter
  • Magnification knob for easy zooming
  • Tactical turrets for zero adjustment in an open field.

A part from these specific specs that makes you’re aiming more accurate than ever, the optical system of Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 is fully multicoated on the surface. The coating causes the riflescope to transmit a bright light of up to ninety eight percent.

Pros of Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600

The first thing that you will note about this riflescope is that, it is light in terms of weight. Apart from that, the Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 has high power magnification lens that gives crystal clear image of your target. The BDC of the riflescope works perfectly for close range and long range shooting. Another great merit about the Nikon p- 223 3-9 x 40 Mates BDC 600 is that, the parallax setting can be adjusted when necessary.


Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 offers great experience when shooting. The riflescope is also available online, where you have the privilege of getting a glimpse of the scope. Nikon p- 223 3-9x 40 Mates BDC 600 weighs approximately one point nine pounds. Its dimensions are 4 x15.5 x 3.5 inches. The riflescope is only available for shipping to U.S citizens. However, there are two major factors that you should consider for shipping option. These factors are shipping charge rates and policy.


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