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Few companies have the ability to dominate more than one wireless communications market, yet Sprint Nextel have continued this success since the company was first founded in 1987 (when the début Nextel walkie talkie range was also unveiled.) Nextel were the first mobile communications company to offer an unlimited minutes mobile plan to customers; the first to roll out an international “Push To Talk” service within their products, and the first to offer a wireless 4G service within the U.S.A.

Continuing with this historic time-line of “firsts”, Nextel have now developed a digital “off-network walkie-talkie service” known as DirectTalk. Integrated within the majority of Nextel handsets, this service enables users to connect with one another across a six-mile range using the simple “push-to-talk” concept of walkie talkies.

Answering the call for the capability of communication when a mobile phone reception is out-of-range, the DirectTalk service has gone down a storm with the likes of building contractors and office employees. Those who need to keep in touch with one another, but cannot always receive good quality mobile phone reception. DirectTalk answers the problem, with an instant chat capability via the push of a button.

Who Can Use The DirectTalk Nextel Walkie Talkie Service?

The DirectTalk service is available to anyone owning a cellular phone with this capability. Popular Nextel models include the Motorola Clutch i465 phone, the Blackberry Curve 8350i and the touch-screen Motorola i1. The DirectTalk capability allows off-network/ switched connection via 10 channels, and 16 sub-codes.

You may communicate via any channel, providing your call recipient is also “switched” to the same channel. In order to make a Private DirectTalk Call, users are provided with a unique ten-digit “calling code”. This code must be used in order to make a one-to-one call to another user. Without the use of the code, your call is not private and may be heard by other users of the same channel.

Do You Need A License To Use DirectTalk?

Because DirectTalk operates under the European PMR446 band, you don’t need to own a license in order to use the service. The capability is integrated within nearly all of Nextel’s modern cellular handsets, therefore anyone can take advantage of this free-to-use service.

How Much Does The DirectTalk Service Cost?

DirectTalk is a completely free-to-use integrated system within Nextel walkie talkies and cellular handsets, such as the popular Motorola i1. The majority of these handsets are available to buy on the market for a one-off cost – just as you would purchase a walkie talkie. The only difference is that Nextel phones are not sold in pairs, and do not come under the “two-way radio” classification as DirectTalk can be utilized for group use. DirectTalk remains free, providing other users are within service range.

What Models Are Available Within The Nextel Walkie Talkie Range?

Sprint Nextel’s diverse range of cellular handsets are geared toward the mobile and walkie talkie communications markets, therefore you’ll find an astonishing array of market-leading brands offering handsets with Direct-Talk capability. Not all of those within the Nextel range are DirectTalk and DirectConnect compatible, therefore you should read the specifications carefully.

If you’re looking for something with the robust and versatile appeal of a walkie talkie, look no further than the Motorola i576. With it’s rugged black die-cast body and fascia speaker; this is the closest you’ll probably get to a walkie talkie lookalike. This compact flip cell offers the usual technologies you’d associate with a regular mobile phone, including voice command, hands-free, G.P.S Navigation and internet capability. You’ll also find Blue Tooth and Group Connect as standard. The Group Connect facility allows communication across one channel/ sub-code to a number of users tuned in to the same channel.

For those looking for a cutting-edge handset with advanced capabilities, the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Smartphone is the ultimate in leading technology. With all the integrated features of the i576, you’ll also find an abundance of “smart” menus customizable for any purpose. G.P.S Navigation, Wi-Fi capability and Email management are just a few of the great advanced features on offer.

Regardless of the model you choose, DirectTalk represents an innovative alternative to traditional mobile communications, and could save you a packet on your phone bill. For under $50.00, you too could enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge technology, along with one of the most stylish phones from the Nextel walkie talkie range.


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