New Natural Gas Generators 250 KW


Looking for some new natural gas generators at 250 kw, they are hard to find. Consider John Deere because John Deere has always been a quality name in almost every facet of equipment, and the New John Deere Powered 250 KW standby diesel generator set is no different. This generator is a high quality machine built with power and efficiency.

Generators are a very handy item to have for any aspect of life. Whether you are a contractor, who is building a home that has not yet had electrics hooked to it, or just a simple home owner who needs to have electricity no matter what, a generator is something everyone could benefit from at one time or another. Just imagine the horror of being hit by a giant snow storm and having no electricity to run even the smallest of appliances.

This new John Deere Powered 250 kw standby diesel generator set is 1800 RPMs with a compression ratio of 17 to 1. Some of the engine features include EPA tier level three certified, it is radiator cooled, and has an alternator and starter. It also has a microprocessor based digital control system.

The engine of the John Deere Powered 250kw standby diesel generator is monitored by and LCD display screen which shows oil pressure, run time, temperature of the engine, battery voltage, AC amperage, and frequency to name a few.

Some of the optional features of this product also include sub based fuel tanks with either single or double walls. It can also be weather protected with sound attenuated enclosures. This generator also has the option of a remote monitoring panel and PMG excitation.

Since 1837, John Deere has been doing business all around the world and is known as a leader in quality and commitment to its product. If you still have not found any new natural gas generators at 250kw then try this great generator with tons of options and the reliability of the John Deere name.

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