Nestle Bottled Water Brands


The Origin of Nestle Spring Water & Pure Life Ingredients

Not many people know the origin of Nestle bottled water, because the brand is still a newcomer to this market, but it is taking off in a big way.


With its high quality and global reach, Nestle may become a world-wide player soon in the drinking water sector.

Few people in the US are not familiar with the Nestle brand. The company has been around for decades, but many do not realize that they have also branched out into the bottle water sector.

In addition to owning bottling companies Poland Spring and Perrier, Nestle now has its own label. Under this label they are producing their Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water in both flavored and non-flavored products. For many consumers, this is the hallmark product offered by Nestle bottled water company.

About Nestle Pure Life Water

As you might expect from a company of this stature, the filtering process for Nestle drinking water is extensive.

Nestle Pure Life – Let Life Flow Commercial

They utilize a highly technical, multi-phase process that monitors and cleans the water along every step of the way. This process begins at the very source of the water and continues along the production line, with several testing points being conducted along the line itself.

As an alternative to plain bottled water, Nestle offers fruit flavored drinks under the Splash label. These Nestle drinking water products are made with natural flavorings and have no calories or carbohydrates in them.

These flavored drinks use Splenda as its sweetening agent.

The above are an excellent alternative to sugary drinks and sodas. Children, especially, enjoy these products, and they are priced very affordably.

Bottled Nestle water can be purchased individually or in handy 24 packs.

(Note: The company has stopped producing its Nestle Spring Water products in order to concentrate more heavily on the new Pure Life and Splash lines).

Nestle Bottled Water Ingredients

Only a very few minerals are added to this line of products. These minerals are added to improve the taste of the product. They include: sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate.

Information on Nestle water employment statistics can be requested from the parent company or found in pdf form at their site. These reports are updated periodically to ensure current accuracy.

Pro’s and Con’s of Nestle Bottled Water

  • Nestle water bottle products can be investigated in terms of quality assurance and filtration process. A simple visit to the parent site will link consumers to these informative reports.
  • Many consumers simply want a flavor choice when it comes to their bottled water. Nestle offers a variety of flavors, all of which are non-caloric and contain no carbohydrates.
  • There are literally hundreds of consumer reviews for these products with the vast majority being highly positive. Taste and price seem to be the most positive aspects seen in these numerous reviews.
  • The company offers its Nestle Pure Life water coupons on a fairly regular basis. These special deals can save consumers a lot of money. However, as is true with all special deals, Nestle water coupons will come and go and some will expire. A visit to the site will let consumers know which deals are active.


  • The most noticeable disadvantage with this brand is simply finding it. Product availability is somewhat limited at present, but with time, this should settle itself out. Consumers in larger cities or near major outlets such as Staples should not have a problem finding the products.
  • Products are available only in individual-size containers. The company does not produce larger containers suitable for use in free-standing home or office coolers. In other words, there are no 3 or 5 gallon containers available.
  • There is no home or office delivery option for any of these products. To purchase Nestle bottled water, consumers will have to get them from retail outlets which, as mentioned above, may be a challenge for those in some areas.


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