Navien Tankless Water Heater


Buying a tankless water heater can be a great way to make your home more efficient. Not only will it be more efficient in its water usage, but it will also save you tons of money in the future! Tankless water heaters are gaining “steam” in the field since there are many problems with the old conventional ways with tanks. Storage tanks are large and often take up a good amount of space. With a tankless water heater, obviously this creates more space as there is no place needed to store the water.

You are actually heating water on demand instead of keeping it heated in a tank. Some problems of water heaters with tanks are that water loses some of its energy just sitting there making it colder! Also, everyone has dealt with a shower in the winter and then the water suddenly goes cold. This is because the tank actually runs out of hot water for the time being. Tankless water heaters solve this problem since it heats on demand. These tanks are also very large, and do not last very long. Most tankless heaters last up to three times as long (as much as twenty years!).

There are a few good brands out there, but one you should highly consider is Navien. Navien tankless water heaters are known for their excellent quality. A Navien water heater would be a great buy for a variety of reasons. Navien systems are extremely light weight, most weigh way under one hundred pounds. Currently, if you buy a Navien you can actually receive a fifteen hundred dollar tax credit as well. Navien tankless hot water heaters supply endless amounts of hot water. This is because there is no water that is actually hot until you want it. It then, on demand creates the hot water.

Most of the units use over one hundred and fifty thousand BTU’s. Most regular heaters lose between twenty to forty percent of the heat when it travels in the pipes and just sits there. Navien thinks that is terrible, so their systems are ninety eight percent thermal efficient, meaning that only two percent of the heat is lost from you wanting it to you actually receiving the heat. This system is build so that anyone can set it up, and fix it if they need to. The wiring is extremely simple, and can actually be wired to almost one hundred units.

The machines are energy efficient due to not having to keep the water hot, it really is only quote on quote on when you want the water. While it is not giving you the water it is idle and using minimal energy. With Navien hot water heaters there is no stoppage of water. There are no interruptions at all. It is truly one of the best water heaters out there. At the very least you should change from your older, tank heater to a tankless heater due to all of the benefits listed above. But to take that a step further and buy a Navien, then you are looking at an extremely wise consumer decision.


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