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It’s chic to go green these days. That’s why women just like me and you are searching for a natural remedy for wrinkles. Can you find an all natural anti aging cream or is there a simple at-home natural wrinkle remover to incorporate into your routine without the hassles of massaging daily? The answer is both. Here are four steps to a natural wrinkle treatment strategy you—and your face—will feel good about:

1. Invest In Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care brands focus on safe, botanically-based formulations. These products contain advanced anti aging technology designed to combat wrinkles from the inside out just like what traditional massage therapy with natural oil will do to your skin. Some brands, like Mercola Healthy Skin and Terressentials, are so particular about what goes into their products that they only use ingredients the U.S. Department of Agriculture certifies for organic food.

A natural anti wrinkle cream might include botanicals like aloe vera, vitamin C, seaweed, and apple seed extract. Green tea is becoming a popular ingredient for its power in repairing sun damaged skin and stimulating fresh cell growth.

Typically, an organic natural remedy for wrinkles will not contain parabens, sulfates, or phenoxyethanol, ingredients that some skin care experts suspect may be toxic when applied over time. Be warned that certified organic products need to have 95% organically sourced ingredients—that means the other 5% may include these no-no ingredients. So always read the label to be sure you’re getting the all natural wrinkle remedies you want.

The good news is that going green is a trend in anti wrinkle skin care, so it’s becoming increasingly easier to find a certified organic natural anti aging cream or other natural wrinkle remover products at affordable prices.

2. Eat A Good Diet:

This is one natural wrinkle treatment that’s often overlooked. We all have weaknesses when it comes to food, whether it’s a thick, juicy cheese steak or a luscious chocolate cake. The fact is that too much of yummy foods or sugar laden drinks ages our skin.

Why? Diets rich in not-so-good-for-you foods are often too low in the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that allow aging skin cells to regenerate. Poor diets also trigger dry, lusterless skin as well. Eat well—it’s the original natural remedy for wrinkles.

Hydrate your body, too. Dry skin looks and feels like a dried parchment straight out of a fairy tale. An effective natural remedy for wrinkle problems is to drink plenty of water.

3. Supplement Your Diet:

Some skin care companies, such as Arbonne, sell anti aging treatments in vitamin form. These supplements contain the extra antioxidants and other nutrients aging skin needs to repair itself. Look for ingredients like:

  • Zinc to produce healthy skin cells and reduce skin irritation
  • Vitamin A to prevent dryness and unsightly flakiness
  • Vitamins C and E to battle sun damage
  • Copper which, combined with vitamin C, develops elastin, the structural fibers that provide support to the skin
  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) to calm irritated or dry skin

4. Shield Your Skin & Exercise Regular Gentle Massaging

Experts say that the average person gets up to 18 hours of incidental sun exposure each week, which comes from taking Fido for a walk, strolling to the mailbox, or riding in a car. A good broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must-have natural wrinkle treatment. Apply sunscreen over exposed skin every day—even if you’re only going outside for a few moments.

As with any non-surgical or non-medical wrinkle treatment, you likely won’t see instant results. It took years for your skin to accumulate the damage that’s causing those wrinkles, so expect natural wrinkle remedies to take at least 4-6 weeks to start working.

Get heavy-duty chemical remedies off your face and give yourself the skin Mother Nature intended by treating it to a natural remedy for wrinkles or a natural anti aging cream.

An don’t forget to give your face some good massage sessions everyday in to improve blood circulation and promote cell rejuvenation.


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