Natural Gas Standby Generator on Sale


If you have ever lived in a place where the power sometimes goes out and stays off for days, you will appreciate the convenience of a natural gas standby generator.

If your home is equipped with natural gas, you are aware that even if the power is lost, you still have natural gas. A standby generator can be fired up when the power is lost and you can have power for electric lights, freezers and refrigerators, and the blower on your gas furnace. You will even be able to watch television and listen to the radio.

These essential functions can make your home much more comfortable and safe during power failures. Even your cordless phones will continue to work, since the generator will produce plenty of electricity for the phone base.

The beauty of a standby generator that is powered by natural gas is that you do not have to worry about refilling gasoline or propane tanks. Natural gas is always available and piped into your home already. By connecting the generator to this power supply, you will have the needed electricity until the power comes back.

An additional feature of these generators is that they automatically will switch on when the power goes off. That means that even if you are out of town at Christmas time and the power goes off, your standby generator will come on and the gas furnace can keep your home warm so that you do not have to worry about frozen pipes.

Many natural gas standby generators are actually dual fuel machines. That means that if for some reason you lose electricity and natural gas at the same time, the generator can be switched to LPG (propane) and will continue to supply power to your home. While there is an initial expense to install the standby generator, it will stand ready to serve your family for many years.

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