Natural Gas Outdoor Grills & Fire Pits


In recent years, natural gas outdoor grills have consistently been the chief competition for charcoal bbq grills, and this a trend that looks like it will continue well into the future.

These natural gas grills are primarily targeted towards consumers who are looking for an outdoor option for a full-size grilling experience that does not involve buying, hauling around, and using bags of messy charcoal.

On the other hand, natural gas bbq grill competes with charcoal because it is easier to light up, simpler to operate, have slightly cheaper cost for fuel in the long run, and comes with some other benefits, as described below.

Outdoor grills in this category either come in the common stainless steel finish or permanently built natural gas fire pit.

Both options are typically chosen by savvy individuals who are serious about bbq grilling and are interested in top of the line products to get the tastiest food out of the grilling experience.

Advantages and Benefits

Natural gas outdoor grills come with several key features and benefits that appeal to a broad range of customers.

For starters, these products are easier to use than charcoal. You do not have to worry with buying charcoal, handling it, or lighting it – which means no lighter fluid or clunky ignition systems. Automatic electric push-button ignition systems that are commonplace in new models make firing up the grill quick and easy.

Additionally, large barbecue gas grills offer a more even cooking experience than charcoal does, because the gas can be regulated to a higher degree than burning coals. This also means that you have more control and precision over your grill’s temperature and intensity and can ensure that you get exactly the temperature you want for your steak, pork, or chicken.


Grilling devices that use natural gas are usually more expensive than other types on the market. Big outdoor units also burn a lot of fuel, especially larger, full-size models with six burners and side rotisserie burners that are very popular now.

Furthermore, these types are not available in every area and require a natural gas connection with your home – which can be problematic and severely restricts mobility.

Finally, as with most non-charcoal grills, you will need to use flavor briquettes to get that great hickory taste.

Built-in Natural Gas Fire Pits

One popular use for natural gas products beside the stainless steel gas grill burners is to create a natural gas fire pit.

An attractive alternative to a conventional grill, building a fire pit offers a unique cooking mechanism that comes in several sizes and shapes. A rectangular array – typically inlaid in stone on a patio – is best for cooking when equipped with a grate, while a square or circular fire pit is often used as a decorative setting.

These pits are permanent and are built usually as a part of an outdoor patio setting. A contractor runs a gas line from your home, installs a regulator, and hooks it up to the pit so that you have a constant, readily-available fuel source whenever you need it.

Price Range

The stainless steel natural gas outdoor grill is not always more expensive than charcoal smokers, but for the most part, it costs more than any other type. Most new models are well over $300 in price, with the top, high-end models that have all the bells and whistles cost well over $1,000.

It is not unheard of for a new inlaid pit to cost well over $2,000. Even one of the popular full feature Weber Genesis e-320 natural gas grills can easily cost just under $2000.


Natural gas outdoor grills are some of the most popular types because they are clean, convenient, and come with many advanced features.

Consumers who want the absolute best in outdoor grilling tend to buy natural gas BBQ grills or install natural gas fire pits in their homes as permanent, built-in grilling stations.

You should be aware that these grills, while advanced, are expensive and may not be readily available everywhere for they need a ready natural gas pipe line to be installed.

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