Nanny Hidden Cams


Info on Nanny Cams   

There have been thousands of reports these days of nannies that are abusing or neglecting the children they are being paid to watch over. Because no education or certification is required to be someone’s nanny, there is no surefire way to know that the nanny you have hired for your own child has any experience with children or knows how to take care of them safely. When you are concerned about the care of your child, consider getting a nanny cam that will allow you to monitor the nanny’s behaviors while she is in your home in order to make sure that everything is safe and secure.

Nanny cams are designed to be hidden – they are small cameras that are secretly placed in common areas so that you can record the nanny without her knowledge. As long as you avoid legally sensitive locations, you can monitor your nanny from anywhere else in the house, and ensure that he or she is taking care of your child.

Places to Put a Nanny Cam

·        Living Room

·        Child’s Room

·        Kitchen

·        Dining Room

·        Study

·        Backyard

·        Play Areas

Good Places to Hide Nanny Cams

·        Cut the cover off of a book on a bookshelf and place the camera inside within a small hole.

·        Take out the stuffing of a large stuffed animal and place it somewhere the child’s room.

·        Keep the camera in a plant where it is unlikely to garner much attention.

·        Place the camera outside so that it monitors through a window.

·        Cover the camera with clothes in a hamper.

Possible Solutions for Nanny Cams

Hiding your nanny cam is not too difficult, but it takes some knowhow on your part, and may require a little bit of secretive maneuvering that makes it possible for the camera to be found. Another option you have is to purchase items that already have a secret nanny camera placed inside of them, created for the purpose of covert monitoring.

Examples of such items include:

·        Air conditioners

·        Wall clocks

·        Boom boxes

·        Copper figurines

·        Teddy bears

·        DVD players

·        Electrical outlets

What is perhaps most impressive about these pre-designed hidden security cameras is that with the exception of the electrical outlet, all of these products are 100% functional. Boom box hidden cameras, for example, are able to play CDs, radio and tapes without any flaws, so there is no way to know that there is a security camera inside.

You never want to be caught with a nanny cam, otherwise your nanny may alter their behavior so that you think they are acting according to your wishes, or they may quit due to a lack of privacy and you lose a perfectly good nanny. When you are unable to find a suitable hiding place for your camera, the pre-made devices may suffice, or you can simply keep your in house security cameras running and hope for the best.


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