MyPurMist Review 2019 – The Handheld Steam Inhaler


MyPurMist review: A uniquely designed and high performing steam inhaler

Vapore founders, Lars Barfod and Varun Nanda are behind the success of MyPurMist. They have more than 50 years of experience in biotech and healthcare, which has enabled them to provide a unique, therapeutic and highly significant product like MyPurMist.  Varun, who suffers from allergy, tested MyPurMist first and found it relieved symptoms in just a single use.

MyPurMist uses CFV a patented technology that enables germ free and instant steam generation.  The positive results of the product motivated them into marketing the product to provide assistance to those suffering from allergies. MyPurMist is an innovative product that delivers stream by harnessing natural water power in an easy and safe manner.

MyPurMist is an apt device to have in possession, if you are suffering from allergy related symptoms, cold, flu or sinusitis. The handheld device is easy to use anywhere and anytime. It is self-cleansing and ready to use making it a great steam delivery device. Here is a more detailed review of the product to help you know its benefits more clearly.

MyPurMist specifications

MyPurMist true to its name provides a warm mist that relieves your cold, allergy and flu symptoms in no time. The best part of the product is it can be used while you are reading a book, watching TV or at work or even before you go to sleep. It does not require any preparation, waiting time or cleaning. Here are some of the important specifications of the product:

Germ free steam

MyPurMist generates steam that is completely free of germs by use of CFV technology that has been patented. The water used for the steam generation is distilled or demineralized. The device dries automatically after every use via the heater present in the unit. Thus it inhibits growth of germs inside. Independent tests performed on the unit reveal it is 99.99% free of germs.


An inbuilt microprocessor helps control the safety features in the device and helps to provide flexible temperature ranging from 100 degrees to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Handheld inhaler

It is a compact design that fits in your hand easily. The device is light in weight, weighing less than 2 pounds, so it can be carried around anywhere and used anytime.

Instant On feature

The devices heats up instantly and does not require any preparation or waiting time for the steam generation.

Maintenance free

The self-drying mechanism keeps the product completely free of germs avoiding cumbersome cleaning or other maintenance tasks.

Effective relief

The device produces fine mist as soon as you press the ‘on’ button. The mist permeates deep into the sinuses, throat and nose providing excellent relief from symptoms such as congestion, burning sensation or dryness of nose, sinus congestion, and discomfort. Many users have found reduction in the frequency of nose blowing and found improvement in breathing and experienced a refreshed feeling by using the product.

Safe to use

MyPurMist offers natural and quick relief from colds, allergies and nasal congestion. It is 100 percent free of drugs and is a product that can be used by all members of the family, young and old. The mist produced is free of germs and consists of water vapor in its pure form. While any other medications you take for your symptoms can have unwanted impurities, germs, drugs or allergens, MyPurMist is just pure steam that is much more effective than the conventional steam devices or steam showers.

Advanced patented technology

MyPurMist uses CFV technology that helps deliver steam free of germs without boiling water. The technology generated steam particles of size less than .5 micron in size. The fitted mask provided with the device helps better steam penetration and instant relief.  It offers natural relief from systems without the use of drugs.

Strongly Recommended

MyPurMist is recommended widely by many leading medical institutions such as Harvard, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente.

Quick nasal decongestion

It delivers direct humidification effectively rinsing nasal passage of the irritants that cause inflammation of nasal passage resulting in congestion. When you use MyPur Mist immediately after irritant exposure, you can avoid the inflammation and ensuing congestion. This is true for irritants such as dust particles.

Fast symptomatic relief

In case of colds, flu, sinus congestion and allergies you should use the steam inhaler as frequently as required. On an average, using the device twice a day for a span of 15 minutes will provide adequate and quick relief. The reinvented design of MyPurMist creates fast and fine mist that spreads to nose, throat and sinus instantly providing immediate relief. The steam is targeted and direct resulting in maximum humidity being passed to sinuses, nose and throat providing quick relief from symptoms in case of conditions including laryngitis, sinus congestion, allergies and flu.

Good customer support

Users who find difficulties in using the device can call customer support at 1 (866) 925-6710. The technical support team is ready to assist with your queries. Email support is also provided for receiving customer queries and complaints.

Where is MyPurMist manufactured?

MyPurMist is made by Vapore, an LLC with headquarters in San Francisco Bay region. The company takes care of the design and development of the product, while the assembly of the product is taken care of in Singapore. The San Francisco office also takes care of corporate and marketing functions.  All products of the company are created with strict adherence to specifications and guidelines. The products are UL499 certified and registered with FDA. The company also has distribution centers in Wallingford, CT and Reno, NV.

Warranty period

The manufacturer of MyPurMist provides a warranty period of one year.  The device will be replaced, if it is not working properly within the first year of its purchase, without any additional cost. This covers problems related to manufacturer defects resulting due to regular use of device. The warranty applies only when you purchase the device from authorized retailers.

Advantages of MyPurMist

  • Relieves many conditions including sinus and allergies.
  • The return policy and terms are very good.
  • The product is easy and convenient to use anywhere and at any time. It can be used inside a car too.

Drawbacks in MyPurMist

  • The device requires AC power source.
  • Price is expensive.
  • The advertising may let people wrongly believe it can be substituted for a nebulizer.

Bottom Line

MyPurMist delivers steam in a unique, comfortable and effective way ensuring you get immediate relief from vexing symptoms of cold, flu and allergies. The advanced technology used in the product, efficient design, natural pain relief, easy portability and good warranty are significant factors that tip the scale in favor of the product. If you discount the expensive price and requirement of AC power, the product is certainly a good purchase to consider.

Customer reviews

MyPurMist provides safe and effective relief from all kinds of minor respiratory issues. Most of the reviews by users are positive pointing to the fact that it is as effective as the advertisements say.

Many state that it has made conditions like cold, congestion and sinusitis much better in just a few months. But a few users have found issues with the product make, which is not of good quality.

Besides being of cheap design, the product also stopped working, according to some reviews.  And the high price tag is another factor that many users have complained about.

There are similar products that offer almost the same features at just a fraction amount of the cost. So, it is best to evaluate other products and buy the apt one.




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