Motorola Talkabout MU Series Walkie-Talkie Review


The Motorola Talkabout MU Series is a product of the Motorola Company, a multinational company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, U.S. The Motorola Company mainly partakes in the innovation and production of various telecommunication devices.

One of its products’ brand is the Motorola Talkabout MU Series. This series consists of high-end two-way communication walkie-talkies. Devices under this series are priced at the 100 U.S. dollar margin. These devices are best suited for outdoor activities that include camping, hiking, mountain climbing, bike riding, fishing and other group activities. They can, however, be used for common daily home activities.

Just like other Talkabout series devices, devices in the MU series have similar features. To get a better understanding of the series, this review, therefore, majors on the Motorola Talkabout MU350R.Check Price on Amazon

Features of the Motorola Talkabout MU Series​

Motorola Talkabout MU Series
  • Bluetooth Enabled: The Motorola Talkabout MU350R, just as most devices in the series, is equipped with Bluetooth capability. This means that Bluetooth accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets, can be connected to the device, and together with the iVOX feature, hands-free communication is possible.
  • Water-Resistance: The series offers water-resistant devices that are IP-54 rated. This means that the devices can be operated under wet conditions or during rain downpour without the risk of electrical interference to the device.
  • Quiet Talk (QT) Interruption Filter: This is a built-in feature that allows the user to enjoy clear and high-quality call signals. This is achieved by filtering out frequency interference to the signal.
  • NOAA Weather Alert: Just like most devices in the Motorola Talkabout series, the MU Series feature access to NOAA weather channels. This allows real-time weather alert notifications to the device, warning the user of coming weather changes.
  • Push-to-Talk Power Boost: Devices in the series are equipped with a built-in Push-to-Talk Power Boost button that provide extra transmission power when needed. This helps in power saving, despite its already available extra power capacity battery pack.

Advantages of the Motorola Talkabout MU Series

  • Extra Power: The series features battery packs that can provide twice the amount of power offered by ordinary NiMH battery packs. This guarantees the user an extended device uptime.
  • Dual Power: If the power offered by the powerful battery pack ever runs out, devices in the series can utilize ordinary retail dry-cell batteries as an alternative power source.
  • Scan: This feature enables the user to scan available channels, helping him or her determine channels currently in use and minimize interference.
  • Keypad Lock: This feature enables the user to lock his or her device with a keypad lock. This ensures extra security to personal settings and configurations.

The Motorola Talkabout MU Series devices have great features. It is, however, important to note that, despite their hiked price, these devices in this series offer little additional radio features. The frequency transmission range is still standard. The most outstanding features are the extra power and Bluetooth capability, of which a standard wired headset is capable of. Most of the other features in the series are available on other standard, fairly priced two-way radio devices.

Bottom Line​

The Bluetooth capability and iVOX feature of devices in the MU series will enable the user enjoy hands-free communication. Also, the MR series feature quite the battery life, which will last longer than standard rechargeable batteries. In conclusion, considering the vast possible applications of these devices, the Motorola Talkabout MR series is an excellent two-way communication device choice.​Check out the Motorola Talkabout MU Series on Amazon


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