Most Important Generator Parts To Have


Being able to keep your generator up and running, it is important to have good generator parts that do not break or wear out easily.

Being aware of which parts need to be replaced frequently will allow you to have a spare on hand so your generator is always working. This in turn allows you to produce the maximum output.

Many generators are particularly popular for outdoor use and are frequently a back up for people that experience frequent power outages. Some of the parts that are good to have on hand include diodes, fuel cap, control board, covers, rubber foot, vibration mount, switch and condenser.

There are many well known brands that produce top quality products and they can be found at many stores such as hardware, home ware, camping and more.

The many parts that will need to be replaced at some point in time such as A/C alternators, D/C alternators, filters, transfer switches, starters, fuel tanks, belts, electronic PCB boards, control panels, voltage regulators, engine parts and the battery charger.

The type of generator ends will depend on your power needs and the best are those that are reliable, can be easily installed and are durable. The ranges of power available are from 5 to 430kW and 5 to 425kVA. All of the electrical parts are completely protected so nothing is exposed. Make sure bearings are pre-lubricated and doubly shielded so they last longer and have fewer issues. Generally they should have a life of 100,000 hours.

Control panels will cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on what you need. The control panels contain automatic engine starting, LCD display, micro-processor, software for PC, generator output, engine instrumentation, selector switch, configurable settings and expansion modules.

There are many companies that offer generator parts and if you have an older generator many times looking for used parts will allow you to get more life from your generator until you can upgrade to a newer model.

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