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Spin mops are becoming more and more common across thousands of households. Able to reduce much of the time and effort we spend mopping our floors, spin mops also make it possible for us to limit our contact with any sort of filth or grime by offering completely hands-free operation. Now, when it comes to mopping dirty floors, tiles, and walls, who doesn’t want that?

Much like any other product on the market, the humble spin mop design has been reinvented by many different brands. So it’s no wonder that you might find a bunch of different options available when you go out to find the best spin mop for your needs.

It’s possible that you may have come across the Mopnado during your search, and it’s likely that this unique reinforced spin mop design may have already caught your attention. If you’re wondering what makes it stand out from the rest, we’ve put together a comprehensive review to tell you just why it might be a good choice for you.

At a Glance

The overall design of the Mopnado’s bucket and mop combination doesn’t stray too far from the typical look of other spin mops, save for a few aesthetic tweaks here and there. The bucket comes in a lime green color with black and white accents, giving it a little more aesthetic appeal than other choices on the market.

When it comes to make and material, the Mopnado also uses stainless steel which isn’t common among spin mops. This gives the combination more durability, and promises to keep your Mopnado in working order for much longer than any other choice.

Stainless Steel for Sanitation and Durability

When exposed to too much moisture too often, plastic tends to peel and warp, making it brittle and easy to break. That’s why the Mopnado uses a stainless steel construction inside the bucket as well as with the mop handle to give it more resistance against water damage. The stainless steel is particularly beneficial because it doesn’t allow bacteria or germs to thrive as it is much easier to clean and rinse than plastic materials.

Pedal Free for Complete Comfort and Safety

The spin mechanism that turns the mop and causes moisture and dirt to fling away from the mop fibers is often powered by a pedal. Now, if you’re buying the spin mop for an elderly individual or for a person with a disability, this aspect could pose a major safety threat. After all, having one foot of the ground even just for a second to push on a pedal can be dangerous for people with poor balance or back pain.

The Mopnado rectifies that problem by giving you a pedal free design. The spinning mechanism in the bucket is activated by a handle-driven spin drive, which means all you need to do is push the Mopnado’s head into the bucket and the spinning will be automatically activated. To keep it spinning, simply churn the head into the bucket repeatedly.

Efficient and Convenient

Unlike other spin mops, the Mopnado features a soap dispenser that makes it much easier to add soap to your water without having to mix them in right off the bat. This makes it possible to ration what soap you have so as not to use more than you actually need.

Another thing that makes it particularly convenient is the fact that the bucket is fitted with wheels and a long handle, that makes it easier to tow around in your home as you clean. The mop itself also features an extendable handle, making it much easier for you to reach areas that would otherwise require you to bend down or over.

Multiple Mop Heads for a Superior Clean

Finally, the Mopnado doesn’t only offer the fiber mop heads that we usually find with other spin mops, they also have a scrubber with larger, thicker bristles for difficult, stubborn stains and grime such as those found in bathrooms or kitchens. This allows you to target more areas of your home, ensuring top notch results with each use.

Pros of the Mopnado

  • Reinforced design makes it much more durable than other options on the market.
  • Pedal free design is much safer for elderly, PWDs, and individuals with chronic pain.
  • Extendable mop handle and bucket handle make transport and use efficient and easy.
  • Scrub brush mop head allows users to target more difficult areas with their mop.
  • Built in soap dispenser makes rationing cleansing agents easier and more accurate.

Cons of the Mopnado

  • The mop’s neck can be a little too sensitive, causing it to bend even when the user doesn’t intend to mop at an angle.
  • Mop heads are round, making it difficult to reach in corners.

The Verdict

Save for a few design flaws, the Mopnado is a cut above the rest. This top rated spin mop design cleans efficiently, offering both safety and durability that few other options are able to provide. So if you don’t mind spending a little more for your spin mop, be sure to check out this choice.


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