Montel Williams Ab Coaster

Ab Coaster Reviews

There are many different abdominal workout machines currently in the marketplace. The Ab Coaster is one of the few machines that seems to have some staying power.

Talk show host and healthy living advocate Montel Williams has endorsed the Ab Coaster, and as a result the machine is often associated with his name. As a result of the popularity of his info-mercials the machine is often being referred to by people as the Montel Williams Ab Coaster.

The Ab Coaster is one of the few machines out there that works your abdominal muscles from the bottom up. The leg raise is one of the most effective abdominal exercises you can do, but many people find it difficult to do. That is because it takes quite a lot of abdominal strength, and unless your a gymnast, its a movement most of us are not used to.

The Ab Coaster essentially assists you to do this difficult movement and thus get the best possible stomach workout.


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