MMA Shorts


Board Style MMA Shorts

Styled after the shorts surfers wear in Rio or Hawaii, MMA board shorts offer more coverage of the legs, extending to just above the knee when standing. These shorts are made primarily with nylon to repel moisture and not become soaked after hours of training. Drawstrings at the waist, and sometimes with a Velcro enclosure, ensure a proper fit, keeping your shorts on during even the most vigorous jujitsu matches. Lately, MMA shorts of this style have become the mainstay of the UFC promotion. For instance, board shorts have been the mandatory dress code for fighters on The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. There are many companies producing MMA shorts of this style, and because of their longer length, many board shorts have the space to feature cool designs, company logos and official sponsors. Now you can wear the exact same shorts as your favorite fighters, including WAND shorts by Wanderlei Silva, Hunter Logo shorts, and Tapout shorts.

Skintight MMA Shorts

Skintight shorts are perfect for ground fighting and MMA competition when you don’t want loose clothing interfering with a technique, being grabbed at by an opponent, or becoming entangled. MMA shorts of this style sit lower on the waist and sit higher on the leg, at around thigh level. Fighters from Brazil and Japan have popularized this style of MMA shorts, which are perfectly suited for an active ground game, or hot climates.

Fighter and Sponsor Logos

Every popular champion in MMA has their own distinct MMA clothing line and fight gear available for purchase by fans and other practitioners of the sport. Copies of the official MMA shorts worn by fighters during actually events have become much sought after items to buy. These shorts feature sponsor logos, and typically, the fighter’s unique designs and insignias. Due to the nature of the sport, MMA fighters are constantly changing sponsors, gyms, and fight promotions. As such, this has generated many variations and versions of the clothing that they wear. Collection mixed martial arts clothing is a popular past time for fans of the sport, and having a decent selection of MMA shorts is a great place to start.


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