MMA Gloves Review

Windy - Number 1

When you step into the cage, the correct Mixed Martial Arts gear is crucial, particularly the gloves.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned professional; if you don’t have the correct gloves, injury is a distinct possibility.

This is a full contact combat sport that takes no prisoners, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Windy MMA gloves are made from premium cowhide leather, featuring specially injected latex, allowing for comfort, support and flexibility, and most importantly, the ability to take your opponent down.

Whether you are looking for full cover training gloves or competition style grappling gloves, Windy, established in 1951, has exactly what you are looking for. Free sparring will be easier due to the 1″ shock absorbent foam in the MMA training gloves, allowing you to focus on building your stamina and strength, no matter how demanding your training session may be.

The competition gloves, with their Y shaped design, give you a secure fit and excellent wrist support, enabling you to focus on hand-to-hand combat, and grapple your opponent with ease, ensuring you will never tap out.

Excellence in this sport will only be achieved if you wear the correct sized glove, which is measured by the size of your open hand with the thumb next to your index finger. Mixed Martial Arts require you to maintain the advantage over your opponent at all times, and when you are wearing Windy gloves, you have a one-up on the competition before the first punch has been thrown.

When you grapple or ground-and-pound your opponent, make sure the last thing they see is the logo on your Windy glove.


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