MMA Gloves – Grappler vs. Stand Up?


People often ask me what the best MMA gloves are for grapplers or stand up (or any other discipline).  The answer is…it depends.  The right glove often comes down to comfort, which not only can affect the outcome of the fight but can impact the health of the fighter, especially the hands and wrists. 

Sparring gloves are generally used during practice sessions of course, but you don’t want to use them in competition.  Some sparring gloves look just like normal MMA gloves with the finger slots.  But some have a larger striking pad with the finger loops.  But both types are great for training because of the extra padding they contain.  I have found quality sparring gloves on ebay.

If you want to hit the bag, the wrist support is key.  That’s why the standup guys often use gloves that have more padding and wrist support.

The fight gloves tend to work better for the grapplers.  They have less padding than sparring gloves, but they give the grappler better control and leverage. Make sure that the weight of the gloves are acceptable and that they are approved prior to entering the fight.  Most will use the four ounce gloves, which are the standard size.

Bottom line, before you buy MMA gloves, make sure you try on a few pairs.  Cheap gloves aren’t always the best gloves.


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