MMA Clothing


MMA Clothing, Jujitsu Gi, Board Shorts

Since the popularity of mixed martial arts skyrocketed, due to mainstream exposure in the UFC and Pride organizations, fans and fighters of the sport have been keen to get their hands on official MMA clothing, usually worn by fighters and their corner as they enter the ring. MMA clothing will often show the fighter’s nickname, their gym and their sponsors. These items are usually in short supply and are only available for a limited time period, as fighters are constantly changing their sponsors, training gyms and personas. Look for all kinds of MMA clothing and MMA gear, from toques to t-shirts, MMA shorts to grappling gi’s, get all the official MMA clothes and gear of your favorite fighters.

MMA Shorts

Most mixed martial arts shorts are of a similar cut to board shorts, popularly used by surfers. MMA shorts are usually made with synthetic materials that won’t soak up moisture like cotton or linen. Good MMA shorts will be made with strong materials and cover the greater portion of the hips and thighs. Look for MMA shorts with official sponsors of your favorite MMA organizations and fighters by getting official MMA fighter shorts.

MMA Jujitsu Gi

The gi uniform first originated in Japan, and is currently worn by many martial arts practitioners, such as karate students and judokas. When jujitsu was brought to the Gracie family, they assumed the judo gi as their clothing of choice for sweaty and aggressive training sessions. Currently, jujitsu gi’s are still used by many MMA practitioners in their daily training, as it provides important coverage to their skin on abrasive surfaces including training mats and their opponent’s body. Look for brazilian jujitsu gi’s that are constructed from thick and heavy cotton fabric. Jujitsu gi’s must be sewn with strong threads so they are not torn in training or competition.


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