MK Diamond Saws


MK Diamond Products is renowned as one of the largest suppliers of diamond saw blades and masonry cutting tools. MK specializes in stone, tile, and concrete cutting, so they have one of the best catalogs of these tools in the entire industry.


The TX-3 is a new tool in the MK Diamond Products catalog. The TX-3 is a tile cutting saw that runs at 1.75 HP and provides a 10″ cut. The TX-3 comes with the new misting system developed by MK that purportedly reduces the amount of dust generated as tiles are cut. The TX-3 also has an accurate miter system that provides precise 45 degree cuts. The 55 psi pump delivers a fine water spray that keeps the blade cool and controls dust levels.

The MK Diamond BX-4 portable masonry saw, coming in at $929.99, is a powerful solution for almost all masonry cutting needs. With 1.75 HP, the BX-4 can make short work of most jobs, capable of cutting pieces up to 16″ long. The easy grip nylon handle makes the BX-4 a portable solution as well. The water misting cooling system and high blade speed of 3500 RPM makes the BX-4 a quick and efficient cutting platform.

The MK Diamond MK-2002 is the ultimate in masonry work, cutting through bricks and concrete blocks with ease. With a 5″ depth of cut and a 2 HP motor, the MK-2002 should be versatile enough to suit most jobs. The cast aluminum and welded steel frame assembly of the MK-2002 provide the sturdiness and durability needed for the job. The MK-2002 costs $1,599.00, but MK tools are sold at a variety of internet vendors, so it pays to shop around for the best deal on these tools.


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