MK Diamond 157867 MK-1609H Standard 8 HP 14-Inch Walk-Behind Concrete Saw


When looking for a concrete cut off saw to complete a specific job you have to be sure you purchase the one that is made for your application.

A hand held power cutter is nice for cutting walls and areas that have to be cut above your head. This sort of concrete saw works best when short cuts are needed.

If you will be cutting asphalt, curbs, bridges, or need a saw for long sustained cuts then you will want a walk behind concrete saw. When using a diamond blade you may use the saw with or without water to cool the blade. Ensure you purchase a saw that is particular to the jobs you need it to do.

MK Diamond 157867 MK-1609H Standard 8 HP 14-Inch Walk-Behind Concrete Saw

  • 8 hp Honda motor
  • One-piece unitized box chassis
  • 4-5/8″ depth of cut
  • 3600 rpm
  • One-year limited warranty

This is the MK1609 H Premium 16 inch Walk Behind Saw – 8hp Honda Engine and this is just what you need! This is the MK1609 H Premium 16″ walk behind saw with a Honda 9 hp engine. This 210 pound saw is a workhorse for construction.

The MK-1600 Series features a one-piece box construction chassis made from 3/16″ hot-rolled steel will not flex during operation; Powder-coated chassis resists peeling & corrosion; Cast-aluminum blade guard with stainless steel water distribution system supplies water

List Price: $ 2,267.00

Price: $ 2,079.00

You can find tons of concrete cut off saws that do specific jobs and you’ve got to search around to discover the one which will fit your situation the best. Don’t jump into buying one simply because of an inexpensive price. Make sure that you check out reviews from people that own and use the saw before making your purchase. That is why it is so crucial that you do your research and purchases online. Online stores lack the overhead of traditional stores and you may find better prices.


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