Minky Apollo Ironing Board (Designs may vary) (97 x 33 cm)



Minky Apollo Ironing Board is another ironing board that gives good surface and tray in order to protect your iron basement. The designs of the ironing board may be different and varied place to place but the service will be same. In fact, the super service with hard surface will give you comfortable ironing with potential ironing service.

Silicon Grommets Iron Base

The iron base of the ironing board is made of over rest with silicon grommets in order to protect any type of irons and generator irons. In this point, your iron does not need to have scratch resistant feature at all. The basement tray will take care of the iron and will not create any type of extra marks in the soleplate. On the other hand, the tray is very easy to put on as well as clean to keep the irons. But, the users have to check out the tray is clean before placing the iron in the iron base.

Mesh Surface with good measurement

The surface of the ironing board is exceptional with mesh surface and good measurement. This type of surface of the ironing board will keep you away from any type of obstacle during ironing. The measurement of the ironing board offers you to get good ironing experience as well as have no problem during ironing. On the other hand, 138.8 x 33 x 83.8 cm dimensions easily prove that the ironing board is very suitable for any long or short clothe ironing purpose.

Tubular Steel Construction

The construction and frame of the ironing board is fully made of tubular steel that give it a heavy weight. However, the structure and frame is enough solid to bear your comfortably too. For that reason, you should keep in mind that the solid structure is not easy to carry to any place you want. You may need help because of the ironing board’s heavy weight.

Good Cover Layers

The cover sheet layers of the basement are amazing with good combination for having good time. The cover is a good combination of foam backing with 5 mm density and 100% cotton. As a result, you will have a comfortable and soft basement for ironing your cloth very easily. Moreover, the cover quality and combination will not create any type of extra wrinkles to your clothes.

Different Designs & Auto Lock

The design of the surface cover varies to cities to city in order to give the users a choice to select their own ironing board. In this case, the users will have good combination and will select the suitable color according to the taste and ambition. For that reason, you will get the finest colors with different designs in any store. Auto lock feature is like other ironing boards that will give you full time protection in order to any sudden movement.


  1. Different Unique Designs and Colors
  2. Auto Children Lock to Frame
  3. Constructed with Tubular Steel
  4. Silicon Grommets to protect iron


  1. Heavy Weight
  2. No Extra Hanging or Drawer Feature

Minky Apollo Ironing Board always gives the users a fine work and experience because of the iron protection feature and locks system. The lock system in this board will definitely give the users a real face of the board feature. However, the solid construction has made the frame heavy to carry easily; it can be folded very comfortably. Also, the height adjustable feature allows any short or long person to use the ironing board very comfortably. For that reason, you should also think about the ironing board before you select any other models from the market.



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