Mini Ab Bench Review

Mini Ab Bench - Photo #1

When looking for an effective way to get those toned, killer abs that you are looking for, you may want to consider adding an ab board to your abdominal exercise routine.

The new abs boards coming out are high quality, effective, multipurpose, and show great results.

There are a lot of quality ab boards available to you; and the ab board you choose really depends on what your goals are.

You may want a no frills ab board for simple declined sit ups; or you may want a little more versatility from your ab board.

Under review is the Mini Ab Bench. This is a high quality basic abs bench that comes with…

  • Heavy duty commercial grade 14-gauge steel construction
  • Extra thick 2.5″ hi-density foam padding
  • Extra large four inch contoured roller pads
  • Double stitched, thick Duraguard vinyl
  • Tough, skid resistant feet help protect your floors against damage

You’ll find the Mini Ab Bench online at quite a few different sellers; and the pricing on this bench varies greatly.

Do your research, and you can save a few bucks; we have found the Mini Ab Bench from a low of $72 to a high of $99; and most of the sellers offer free shipping as well.

We used Amazon to get our Mini Ab Bench because the shipping was free; and by using the Super Shipping option, we got our Mini Abs Bench in three days.

Assembly was very straightforward on this bench; you merely attach the bench to the frame, add the front leg foam rollers, attached the front and back base, and you are ready to go in under fifteen minutes.

The Mini Ab Bench – Simple to Use, Portable, Great Results

Mini Ab Bench - Photo #2

When you live in a smaller apartment or condo, you usually don’t have a lot of room for a bunch of exercise equipment. If that is your situation, and you still want a great abs workout at home, then the Mini Ab Bench is for you.

And while it may be small, they did not skimp on the quality.

Upon closer inspection, the Mini Ab Bench is a rock, constructed out of 2 inch by 2 inch steel tubing. The front and back bases are both wide enough to provide stability while working out on it, and the ends come encased in “no slip” rubber footers so the abs bench will not slide across hardwood, tile or linoleum floors.

The seat of the bench is covered in a thick Duraguard vinyl cover, which immediately stands out. If you have ever had an abs board before, you know that the cheap vinyl used to cover the padded bench is usually the first thing to go.

Not with this Duraguard vinyl. It is thicker than most other vinyl covers, and the custom box stitching on this bench cover insure longevity on the Mini Ab Bench.

And the 2.5 inch foam padding is thick enough to provide true comfort; unlike other ab boards, you will not get the lower back pain or the tailbone friction that comes from doing sit ups and crunches on thinly padded boards.

And the custom foam rollers at the front are very comfortable while locking in the back of the knees and the tops of the feet; and they are thick enough to provide the support you need without pinching either area.

But the best feature about the Mini Ab Bench is its size and portability.

It measures in at 22 inches by 24 inches by 30 inches; so you can set this ab bench up wherever you want; and not only that, but it is easy to store by standing it up against the back wall of the front closet.

And at just under 30 pounds, this ab bench is easy enough to pick up and move around the house with ease.

The Mini Ab Bench – The Only Thing

The only thing we discovered with the Mini Ab Bench that we didn’t like was the fixed incline.

We would have liked to have a couple of different inclines to choose from to vary the intensity of the workout; but we fixed his problem by simply adding a 2 x 4 under the front base to increase the decline.

But that is a minor issue. If you are looking for a well constructed, rock solid abs board to increase the intensity of your abs workouts, then the Mini Ab Bench is a great choice.

It is lightweight, takes up almost no space and, for the price, is an exceptional value.


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