Milwaukee Saws


Milwaukee has been known for years as a producer of quality industrial power tools, supplying an extensive catalog of tools to both contractors and home renovators alike. Milwaukee has a great deal to offer, with models of just about every type of power tool.


Unlike many power tool suppliers, Milwaukee offers a quality chainsaw. The 6215 is an electric chainsaw that provides plenty of power and cutting length for just about any wood cutting job necessary. The 6215 has a beefy 2.25 HP, 13 amp motor and 16 inch bar. The blade spins around the bar at a rate of 1800 feet per minute, providing plenty of speed for a smooth cut every time. The 6215 is also automatically oiling, and features an adjustable clutch that prevents harm to the motor in case of a sudden bind.

The 8 in. 6370-20 metal cutting saw provides 3700 RPM of cutting speed, all at a total weight of 13.3 lbs for a great combination of mobility and power. With a 15 ft. power cord, the 6370-20 should be suited to most jobs where the lesser power of a cordless model may not suffice. Milwaukee also offers heavy tools such as panel saws, with their 6480-20 15 amp panel saw. The 6480-20 has a rigid all steel frame that is electrically welded to prevent any warping or bending. The 6480-20 features cutting accuracy of 1/32 in. for both rip and crosscut.

Milwaukee also offers a 12″ Dual-Bevel compound miter saw. The 6950-20 is a versatile miter saw, operating at 3200 RPM with a 15 amp motor that provides up to 3.3 HP, giving it all the cutting power you’ll need for all sorts of jobs. The 6950-20 has a single lever bevel adjustment that allows for conveniently easy changes to the bevel angle.


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