Midland LXT Series Walkie-Talkie Review


The Midland LXT Series has everything people need for basic communication at a distance when in a non-obstructed area. The Midland LXT Series is available for under $50 on Amazon.Check Price on Amazon

Features of the Midland LXT Series

The Midland LXT is a handy, lightweight two-way radio with a black, water-resistant housing and backlit LCD display. Its features include:

  • Reasonable Range: The maximum transmission and reception range between two or more radios is 30 miles based on optimal surrounding conditions. It offers 36 channels, including free FRS and licensed GMRS.
  • Hands-free Convenience: The eVOX hands-free system provides voice activation at three levels of operation. It also supports optional headsets.
  • Stunning Security: It has 121 privacy codes and over 2,662 channel combinations to help block out other conversations and retain privacy between two or more people. It also features a keypad lock.
  • Helpful Alerts: Users can access NOAA’s Weather Alert Radio for regular local weather updates and all-hazard alerts and notifications, including fire, landslide, biological, nuclear and child abduction warnings.

Advantages of the Midland LXT Series

Although the Midland LXT does not have all of the bells and whistles offered with many other types of walkie-talkies, it does have a few advantages over some:

  • Power Perks: It comes with a rechargeable power pack and a charging dock that can be used with an AC adapter. Even better, it is designed to allow users to swap the battery pack when it can no longer hold a charge with 3 “AAA” batteries. It also offers a special “Hi/Lo” power-saving feature.
  • Fantastic Warranty: Unlike some companies that only offer a 1-year limited warranty, Midland provides a 3-year warranty with the most recent model.

The Midland LXT Series does have a couple of faults that every customer should consider before making a purchase: It doesn’t offer an emergency SOS beacon. Like most walkie-talkies, the maximum range is only possible with a completely unobstructed line-of-sight. As a result, users will experience a huge drop in range in cities and near mountains to up to only two miles. On highways, the range increases to up to 10 miles. Lastly, several customers on Amazon complained about it suddenly losing their custom settings without any indication of why the settings reverted to default.

Bottom Line​

The Midland LXT Series is a nice average walkie-talkie design that works well for basic trips in the woods or by boat. It’s also a good design for communicating between moving trucks and vehicles on the open road. Although there seems to be a defect with the settings on some of the units, more than 560 people on Amazon gave it a positive review. In fact, 58 percent of reviewers gave it 5 stars and 18 percent gave it 4 stars. The star-rating average was 4.2 stars. Taking into account the price after discount, the Midland LXT Series is a solid investment for uncomplicated basic communications.​Check out the Midland LXT Series on Amazon


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