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Micro G Pen Review: The Even Smaller Micro G Pen Vaporizer

The Micro G pen vaporizer, just like the original G-Pen, is made by Grenco Science. This unit, which looks like a smaller version of the G Pen, looks just as exquisite and sturdy like the first one. It fits in the palm of a hand, and is very, very lightweight, as opposed to the original G Pen. However, it shares the same stainless steel exterior that most people have come to know.

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 The Very Light Micro G Pen

Portability is the primary concern for the development of the Micro G Pen. It is lighter than the original one, which makes it very discreet and easy to carry around. However, unlike the original one, the Micro G seems to have a fuller package. It has 2 batteries, 2 mouth pieces and 2 heating elements, making it a very attractive package for anybody who’s thinking of trying out these premium pen vaporizers.

 Size and Power


The G Pen is the size of a Sharpie pen, but the Micro G is even less than half of the original’s size. The battery takes around an hour and a half to be fully charged. And with a full battery, the unit will last for a whole day, even for frequent users.

The G pen Micro has a simple plug and charge design, which is different from the original. Simply plug the pen to the charging cord, plug it in the power adapter, and it’s good to be charged. The red light indicates that the battery is being charged. Once it turns the light off, the battery is already full.

Features and Options

The simple design of the micro G pen allows users to easily fill it with oils. The whole operation system is even more simplified than the G Pen. It can be disassembled in three parts, making it easier to replace, if circumstances need it.

The Micro G pen also utilizes the five-press lock, just like the G Pen. Press the button five times until the blue light flashes, and then press it again for a few seconds to turn on the heating element. Operation is very straightforward and easy, making it easy to use for both first time users and advanced users.microG-open-01_1024x1024

To lock the unit before putting in your pocket or purse, simply press the button five times again. This will lock the unit so there won’t be any accidental vaporizing cycles inside your pocket.

This vape does not have any glass or plastic tanks. The heating element is simply surrounded by a metal thing. There’s a small wick running through the heating coil.

The packing tool allows you to put a dab of wax right on the heating element, then replace back the mouth piece and it’s good to be used.

For oil-based waxes, and you cannot put it directly on the heating oil, just scrape it off on the metal sleeve and let the heat work its wonders. Once it turns liquid, the wax will eventually run down to the heating oil.

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Manufacturing Build and Quality

The matte black exterior still has a high quality feel to eat, and also serves as a grip for the pen. It’s stealthy and sleek, and is quite discreet. Because it can be disassembled, parts can easily be replaced without having to replace the entire unit.

Make sure that the parts are always firmly closed, because they may be loose. This could be a problem if not checked, because oil can actually leak.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Micro G Pen Vaporizer

Make sure to clean the mouthpiece regularly to avoid any possible build up and residues. However, the Micro G pen is actually easy to clean. Taking the pieces apart, and cleaning the insides is a breeze.

Micro G Pen Vaporizer Warranty

The Micro G Pen comes with a one-year warranty, but only on its electronic components.

Whats in the Package?

  • Micro vape pen
  • 2x microG rechargeable batteries
  • Micro g pen chargerPhoto062_zoom_1024x1024 (1)
  • 2x microG tanks
  • 2x microG mouthpieces
  • 5x microG mouth sleeves
  • 2x glass G containers for oils and concentrates
  • Micro-packing tool
  • Wall charging unit
  • USB cord/dock


  • Small and lightweight
  • Very sleek looking
  • Massive vapor hits
  • Simple plug and charge design
  • Five click lock and unlock system
  • Parts are easily replaced
  • Long battery life
  • Very sturdy
  • No glass or plastic
  • Great vapor production
  • Great package, which comes with almost 2 of everything
  • User says it’s almost impossible to clog
  • Uses a USB cord for charging – perfect for those with laptops or desktops
  • Reasonably priced


  • More expensive that the Original G Pen
  • Size may be too small for other users
  • May possibly leak if the detachable parts are not checked
  • Possible battery jam

Use with:

  • Only with concentrates, oils, waxes and resins

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