Mexican Boxing Gloves


Not all boxing gloves are created equal, and it is important for a boxer to make the correct choice when it comes to buying the right fighting gloves. The first thing you need to make a choice on is what kind of gloves would be right for you in the first place. This mostly depends on the type of training you are doing–sparring gloves, bag gloves, Muay Thai or MMA–and the weight class you are in. There are many guides on the things to look out for when choosing a pair of boxing gloves that are available online, and one only needs to be patient in checking these advise before making a decision.

When you graduate into fighting gloves, though, there is a whole new set of factors that would weigh in on your decision for choosing the right gloves. While there are many styles of boxing gloves out there, it is the Mexican style boxing gloves that is the most commonly used by pro fighters. They are known for their long cuffs that are great for wrist support. These gloves often have less padding which aims to add power to the punch, earning the nickname “puncher’s gloves.” As for the best Mexican style boxing gloves around, there are only two that always come up in any list you’d care to look at:

Cleto Reyes Official Fighting Boxing Gloves

A list of Mexican style boxing gloves is not really complete without Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. The brand gained popularity and secured its spot as the ultimate fight gloves due to its snug fit, high quality materials, and being handmade and hand stitched with great detail and care. They have thinner padding than many other gloves, which is both its greatest advantage and disadvantage, depending on your priority. Thin padding are great for adding power to the punch, which is why Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are the preferred gloves of K.O. athletes such as Manny Pacquiao, and Juan Manuel Marquez. The same thin padding also offers less protection to your knuckles, as you can definitely feel the punch you are giving your opponent–they feel the power of your punch, but you also feel their face on your knuckles. So unless you have above average punching power like the athletes above, you would think twice before choosing these gloves.

Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves

Everlast has been around for around 100 years and has become synonymous with boxing. Granted, the more recent and cheaper models are terrible. However, Everlast still makes some of the best fight gloves the sport has ever seen, considering they are also doing this the while giving the amateur, broke boxers a chance to afford their products. They have an array of training gloves that provides just the right fit to help promote proper punching techniques. Everlast boxing gloves are specifically great at making training gloves, due to the dense foam padding which absorbs shock better. Their fighting gloves, however, have even lesser padding than Cleto Reyes gloves, which makes them even more of the “puncher’s glove” than the rest.

Title Gel Official Pro Fight Gloves

If you are looking for great value for your money, then you’d want to consider Title Gel boxing gloves. They are high quality gloves that provide a great balance of quality, comfort and support without making a hole in your budget. Title Gel boxing gloves seem to aim to give their customers more than what they paid for in terms of quality, so these gloves make for great choice of training gloves. The weight could be a downside, as these gloves are heavier than the average gloves which make for slower speed. Make sure, then to find the gloves that fit your weight class.

If we really think about it, choosing the right boxing gloves will boil down to personal preferences. There are a number of factors to consider when buying boxing gloves, and each boxer may have different preferences for each of these factors. It is always good to do a little research on the different brands of boxing gloves and know the best ones out there, but it is also just as important to be aware of your personal preferences, and not sacrifice them for the sake of having a well-known boxing gear. After all, they’re your knuckles.


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