Methods To Raise Drinking Water pH


Many experts believe utilizing the methods to raise drinking water pH (that is making less acidic or more alkaline) should be an important part of achieving overall health.

By drinking tap water that is less acidic, these experts believe our bodies would become less susceptible to disease.

Many health enthusiasts turn to home water treatment devices to raise the pH balance of water.

But it is important to bear in mind that standard water filtration systems do not alter the pH balance, but only remove contaminants from tap water.

What�s pH Got to Do With It?

The pH balance of a substance refers to whether it is an acid or a base. The scale runs from 1 to 14, with those rating between 1 to 6 considered an acid, and those with ratings of 7 to 14 being considered a base, or alkaline.

The pH balance of the human body is somewhere around 7.35, which is itself alkaline. Maintaining this balance through eating and consuming less acidic foods and drinks and more alkaline foods and drinks is thought to be one of the keys to living a longer, healthier life.

To neutralize the effects of acidic foods and drinks on our body, it is suggested to drink three to four liters of water per day that has a pH balance of 8 or 9. Pure water has a pH balance of 7, though as a result of contaminants and other chemicals in the water supply, most drinking water never has this balance.

Methods To Raise Drinking Water pH – Home Water Filtration

Using a distiller:

Distillation is considered one of the best methods to raise drinking water pH. A water distiller works by boiling the water to remove impurities, and cooling the resulting steam back down to liquid for drinking.

Heating the water to boiling removes all the acidic toxins to restore an alkaline balance to the water.

A distillation unit reduces water to 1 part hydrogen and 2 parts oxygen which is true water. This has a pH balance of around 7 – which is neutral.

Using an Ionizer:

An Ionizer electrolyzes water. During the process, the alkaline and acidic particles of the water are separated.

The alkaline particles are used for drinking water, while the acidic particles of water are used for cleansing the outer areas of the body to destroy the bacteria.

Using ionized water is thought to help prevent disease and slow down the aging process but these claims have not been studied in great depth or proven. The bottom line however, is the resulting product is an alkaline pH value water.

Adding Alkaline Ingredients to the Water:

Of all the methods to raise drinking water pH, this option is the most cost effective. For those who do not have access to a distiller or ionizer, alkaline ingredients can be added to drinking water.

Adding lemons or lemon juice is the simplest way to achieve this, and this is something many people already do on a regular basis to make the taste of the water more pleasurable.

Other options include using a pH booster that is readily available in many stores and is safe for consumption, though many scientists claim the water should be distilled before adding these boosters.

Drinking alkaline water may be one of the best ways to remain in control of your health.

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