Metal Cutting Saw


If you are planning to do any kind of metal cutting, you will need to get your hands on a saw that is actually designed to do such a task. Many multi-purpose saws do not have the power to cut reliably through materials of tougher construction such as metal. If you go with an actual metal saw, you will see the difference in terms of increased performance. A real metal saw will cut faster, smoother, and will not wear and tear because of the work.


When looking for a metal cutting saw, the strength of the motor is a key concern. One popular model of metal cutting saw, the GMC MX355C, has a 2400W motor that enables it to cut smoothly and efficiently. Also of key concern here is the type of blade that the saw will work with. This should be listed along with the other major specifications, and is an important factor to take into account. You might want to speak with someone knowledgeable, like a hardware store employee, about how common that type of blade is. If a blade is harder to find, it may be a frustrating experience attempting to replace blades in the future.

The higher the RPM that the blade spins at, the smoother the finish on the end product will be. A blade that spins at 3900 RPM will produce a very fine finish on the work piece. As the blade spins slower, however, the finish may become ragged and uneven. Make sure that the blade is kept in good condition, and once it has dulled, that it is promptly replaced. A dull blade reduces performance and may even cause an accident. Keeping at least one spare blade nearby is a good idea.

When using a metal cutting saw, do not neglect any of the normal safety procedures. Wear eye protection at all times as well as ear protection. A metal cutting saw in action can produce noise levels upwards of 90 dB that can seriously damage your hearing. It is especially important that the work area be clear of any excess material. This applies to both the floor and the area around the saw itself. A metal cutting saw ejects a large amount of sparks. Any flammable material near the saw may catch fire when sparks begin to fly, so be sure that the area is kept clean.


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