Metabo Saws


Metabo offers a large selection of quality tools, known for their safety and reliability. Metabo has an especially extensive catalog of cordless tools, such as the KSAP 18. The KSAP 18 cordless circular saw provides 18V of power and a cutting depth capacity of 2.125 in. The Metabo KSAP 18 is suitable for bevel cuts of up to 47 degrees, and its air cooled batteries can be recharged up to 2000 times.


The STE 135 PLUS is one of Metabo’s premier jigsaw models, with a high cutting capacity and SPM of 3000. The STE can cut through wood of thicknesses up to 5 5/16″, nonferrous metals of 1 3/8″, and sheet steel of up to 3/8″. The ITE also features a convenient quick change blade mechanism. The ITE also has a convenient thumbwheel for selection of variable speed settings.

The Metabo ASE 18 cordless sabre can be used to saw wood, plastics, as well as metal pipes. The ASE 18’s saw blade can be rotated by up to 180 degrees, as well as axially adjusted to limit the guide length. The gear housing of the ASE is die cast aluminum, providing great safety and reliability. In addition, the ASE only weights 9 lbs with the battery included, and is powered by 18V.

Metabo also provides a corded model of their saber saw with the PSE 1200. The PSE 1200 has a strong motor for powering through any project involving wood, plastics, or metal. The PSE 1200 also features a rotatable handle for positioning the saw for work at all angles. The saw blade itself is also capable of rotating up to 180 degrees, with an adjustable depth guide that does not require tools. The saw blade on the PSE 1200 is also easy to change out and accepts a range of blade types to suit any job.


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