Merino wool socks


There are many animals from which you can get wool. Wool is also different quality from different animals. Hair from animals is not always good for making wool and from wool different kind of clothing. There are also special breeds of animals from which the finest wool is produced and used in luxurious and better quality clothing.

Merino is a special breed of sheep known all around the world. Merino wool products have received many rewards and recognition for their quality. Merino sheep are known because of their soft and fine wool which is also very warm. Merino wool is used for range of products for hiking, running, walking, cycling,…

Merino wool characteristics:

– Merino wool is excellent for regulating body temperature. In winter it keeps you warm and in summer it keeps you cold.

– Wool helps you with your sweating, because it draws your sweat away from your skin

– It remains warm even if it gets wet, not like cotton which gets cold when wet

– Merino wool is one of the softest kinds of wool there is

Merino wool socks benefit from all those great merino wool characteristics. They are perfect for all the outdoor activities ranging from extreme cold conditions to extreme warm conditions. Merino wool socks are very comfortable to wear and your feet wont itch. Because of wool anti-bacterial characteristics socks are great for multi days hikes, where you might gets your blister infected. If you are a person who enjoys outdoors most of your time these are the socks for you.

You can buy Merino wool socks at different shops. One of the main manufacturers is SmartWool. There you can buy almost anything you can imagine made from Merino wool. Often you can get better prices or sales at other vendors as well.


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