Mechanix gloves


Mechanix gloves, arguably the best there is on the market for auto-mechanics and mechanics in general. Even the name says it all. Mechanics of all types need suitable work gloves to get the job done. They need to be tough, durable, comfortable, last long, sometimes specialized and they even need to look good.

For both the professional, amateur mechanic and even just the person at home looking for a good set of gloves to help them with mechanical work, these are the ideal sets of gloves the mechanix gloves. The company covers the basic glove types for racing sports, the automotive industry, hardware industry, safety industry – and even gloves for hunters (its ‘tactical’ range) and gardeners. So this means they are used by a wide variety of people in a wide variety of jobs. Those who work on cars looking for mechanic’s gloves need look no further. In fact, they are widely used within the racing sport, starting with the classic “Red Glove” which has helped to make the company famous. These are no ordinary mens driving gloves and are well trusted within the racing sector.

Those at home working on the garden, or even professional gardeners, can find some excellent gloves from this manufacturer. Even mechanics working in the military will find these gloves to be perfect, not to mention those who need a decent pair of gloves for shooting.

Mechanix wear gloves are tough and protect your hands incredibly well from cuts, abrasions, and blistering due to the friction caused when using a number of different tools. After using a Mechanix wear glove for a while you will find that your hands still feel surprisingly comfortable after long hours of work and that you are able to carry on working even longer. This is a far cry from many other pairs of gloves when your hands eventually feel tired, strained, or sore. The Mechanix light glove range is ideal for those looking for something with plenty of grip, comfort, durability and strength but don’t intend doing heavy duty work. You can get gloves with specialized features from the manufacturers. Some of these features include; reinforced fingertips, fingerless gloves, padded palm, knuckle, protection, fire retardant, leather, hi-visibility/reflective, easy on/off cuff and TPR lined fingers.

Varieties also include wear utility, wear MRT and wear impact. Wear MRT are great for use in all types of garages. The gloves have a two-way form fitting Spandex top which can stretch and allow for a good fit. Now, while all the above is great for those looking for mechanic’s gloves, gardeners or hunter’s gloves, you will find there isn’t really a choice when it comes to other sports such as baseball. Here, you need someone more specialized in that particular sport, such as Nokona gloves or Wilson baseball gloves.

While there are plenty of mitt and glove manufacturers in the US manufacturing for different sports, Wilson has been a tried and trusted brand for Baseball. The gloves are used in many major league games and have been around since the 1920’s.

But if you are looking for a perfect mechanics glove, look no further than Mechanix gloves. Mechanix is a trusted brand and you would do well to at least consider their products when you are looking for new work gloves.


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